Friday, May 14, 2010

Wedding Couple for Qin

Qin is another bride who asked me to make her wedding dolls for photo shoot… Her fiancé and her will be flying to Taiwan for their photo shoot next week.

This pair of wedding couple is also different from my usual pairs…

1stly, Qin’s wedding theme is lilac in color and she wanted her gown in lilac too… Besides white/ivory gowns, I never make colored' gown. Hence this is my first time trying something different. I love the turn out… Something special and unique…. :)

2ndly, Qin’s fiancé doesn’t want any bow tie or tie on his doll… Just put on a black vest. Honestly, I find it a bit plain, but Qin said that’s what he’ll prefer… :) 



“Thanks Jul… The dolls are really lovely….” Sms from Qin


christineonglc said...

the hairstyle is really nice!

Vivian said...

wah !!! so lovely, I will wait for mine :P
I love the flower bouquet, wondering is it only for wedding couple? is our family doll entitle to this ?