Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Special Order: Wedding Couple and 20 small dolls for Shulin

This is the biggest order I have of the year! Shulin has approached me at least 9 months in advance for this order. Initially, just a pair of wedding dolls, then later she said she’ll like to give something to her brothers and sisters that help out during her weddings… Even her photographer and make up artist were one of them! So sweet!! :)

She wanted something special, something related to garden theme. Then, she emailed this picture to me:


If you watch Korean shows, this might look familiar to you. Yup, Save the Last Dance for Me… Quite a nice show…


This is my first time making a pair of western standing wedding dolls. The dolls are measured approx. 7” tall. Quite tall and the dolls look very proportionate.

She wanted the groom to hold a heart pillow with their rings… I was quite worry initially especially how to make the groom stands well… Then I’ve made a base at the bottom to hold both dolls and at the same time, placed the two dolls very close to each other so that they could support each other. This is what a couple meant to be: support and trust.

Small Dolls: 7 sisters & 9 brothers, plus 1 photographer and 1 make up artist.

One brother, Albert and the make up artist were missing in the picture cos they were so shy on camera… =P *Bluff*…. Cos I’ve complete the make up artist’s doll very last minute so didn’t manage to take a picture of it. And brother, Albert, well, I had mis-placed it! =P 

Shulin’s wedding theme are red and white. So, all her sisters were dressed in red & white dress with a big flower as their head accessories.

They brothers were all in shirt and black pants with a BIG RED bow tie… ;)


Shulin had an outdoor wedding… They were so blessed with good weather, not so hot and not so cloudy. JUST NICE…. :)

Wedding Couple for Mei Fang

Mei Fang is my ex-colleague’s colleague… =P He introduced my blog to her. She was excited and wanted to personalized a pair of wedding dolls based on her PS photos…

Her wedding theme are black and white! Interesting! The doll’s gown was almost identical to the one she had during her PS. The hair accessories were handmade by me too.. Using satin ribbon, I’ve made two huge flowers with crystals in the middle…

Both husband and wife are Malaysian. She told me she can’t find anything so personalized anywhere… I guess because she has a very unique gown! ;)

“Thank you very much! App ppl like the dolls, very special!”

Sms send by Mei Fang



January Couples….

Wedding Couple for Raine

Both Raine and her husband are teacher. She is a very petite and sweet lady, I’m sure she’s an apple to her students’ eyes! ;) Her husband likes to play tennis, hence, instead of requesting a heart pillow, she asked for a tennis ball… :)

“Hey Jullie, my fiance loves the dolls too! He finds them v adorable. Thank u so much for ur effort. Will update u in a few months time regarding bridesmaid dolls. thks :)”

Message send by Raine



Wedding Couple for Joanne

Pink, pink wedding theme… I’ve made this wedding dolls for Joanne using flowers with pink crystals…

She likes them very much! I was touched when she told me she had shown my blog to her colleagues and some were keen . Thanks… :)

P1050242 P1050248

Wedding Couple for Siew Ling, my childhood friend…

Siew Ling and I grew up together… She was my neighbour, exactly living next door! We went to the same school too and even in the same class for 2 final high school years!

She’s a teacher and happily married to her beau last year. I wasn’t able to attend her wedding. She likes the wedding couples I’ve made and I promised to make her one! Due to busy schedule and also waited for someone to bring the dolls back home, I could only managed to give to her 6 months later… :(

However, she was delighted when she received her dolls!!!

“I’ve collected d wedding dol... so beautiful and marvelous... me & my husband like it vy much... thanks once again... i gues tha's d most beautiful handmade craft i've even saw.... thanks for ur present...”

Message send via FB

Siew Ling and Hubby, my God bless both of you with abundant love and joy! Looking forward to see your little ones… JIA YOU!!



Wedding Couple & Dolls for SS

SS wedding was on 1st Jan 2011… First day of the year, also 1.1.11…. :) Her husband came to collect the dolls on her behalf…

“Jul: Sien, have u seen the dolls?

Sien: Yup.. They’re very nice!! Ha.. Ha.. Will definitely order from u as gifts for my friend in the future!"

Sms send in by SS



She also ordered 8 small dolls for her sisters…



I love this the most, cos she has red and curly hair… hehehehe…