Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wedding Couple for Joanna

Joanna and Vanessa are colleagues. Joanna and her hubby-to-be love photography so much. She send me two photos of them carrying DSLR… So, she requested for the groom to hold a DSLR, if possible. I’ve tried crocheting camera before but not successful. I replaced it with a vintage camera charm. I find this charm very cute and it fits nicely on the groom’s doll.

Joanna was wearing a off-shoulder wedding gown during her solemnization. Their wedding theme was blue.

“I've got the dolls already n they're very pretty and well made. Thanks! Exactly what I thought they'll look like especially the bride :)So envious (talking about the groom holding the vintage camera), too bad the bride will look odd with a camera instead of a hand bouquet ;p”

Email send by Joanna



Wedding Couple for Vanessa

Vanessa’s hubby-to-be loves watches so much that she asked me to crochet his favourite ROLEX watch for the groom doll to hold. She even send me the photo of his watch. I tried to crochet one that was similar to the photo she send to me.

They brought this pair for their pre-wedding shot.

“Hi Jullie, I just saw the dolls! They’re really pretty. Thanks for making the watch… It’s very cute haha…”

SMS sent by Vanessa




Wedding Couple for Chloe

Chloe is my cousin, Evee, good friend. When she saw the wedding dolls that Evee has tagged in her Facebook, she was thrilled. She couldn’t think of anything to give to her friend who is getting married during Chinese New Year, until she saw the dolls. Without hesitation, she ordered one pair for her friend in Kuching.

I completed this pair one day before Chinese New Year and delivered out on Chinese New Year Eve… I didn’t have time to do any setup for photoshoot. So, I took the picture with hamper and Chinese New Year greeting cards behind the scene… Smile with tongue out 

Two messages Chloe wrote in Facebook:

“Jullie, the dolls r so them
So much. I'm sure my fren will love it alot Thank u so much.....

The bride likes them so much. She said they're so pretty. “


Wedding Couple for Oliver and Sandra

I’m blogging from my new laptop now. Last two days, DH bought me a new laptop with bigger screen cos I always watch movies from my laptop while doing my craft. So blessed… Embarrassed smile

This lovely couple approached me 6 months before their wedding. They came all the way down to my place to discuss with me about their personalized wedding dolls. They wanted something special… Smile 

Sandra has her actual veil personalized. The one I did for her look almost the same as the one she had. Her wedding gown was satin with gold sash around the waist… As for Oliver, he is very tall, taller than Sandra. Sandra wanted Oliver to hold a huge bouquet of roses, as it reminded them of the 99 roses that Oliver used to propose to her. So sweet!!! The bouquet of roses also used as their ring bearer on their big day.



To Oliver and Sandra,

May God bless both of you with abundant Joy, Love and Happiness… Thanks for believing in me.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Terrible 2!!!

Very late post….

Joel has turned two on 25th of Jan… Well, there’s an old saying about terrible 2, it’s really true! NO KIDDING! Joel used to be very quiet and quite easy to manage. But now, he is getting more active and sometimes very difficult to manage! We really didn’t expect this to come… Knowing more words, he’ll say NO, DON’T WANT! I WANT! Whenever we hit him or scolded at him, he would keep quiet and refused to look at us. GOSH! His cries loudly and embarrassed us often in the public!! Sigh…. Terrible TWO!

Well, he is a happy boy and very socialize.. :) He always make us laugh… He starts to learn a lot of new words and things. He likes to make funny faces to attract our attention. We’ve taught him to be polite by greeting people and he did it almost every encounter with anyone… :) He starts to say ‘Please’ whenever he wants something and ‘Thank You’ when he received them. He listens to instructions pretty well too and sometimes is my great helper… Well, if he’s not naughty, he is a sensible boy… :)


This year, we decided to have a small party at home and invited a few of our close relative. I’ve ordered a cake from Rei with Joel’s favorite cartoon characters, Barney and Elmo. We decorated the whole house with balloons. Thanks to my dear brother for blowing the balloons… :) Joel was having lots of fun that day.


Birthday cake from Rei! Yummy! We finished all on that night…


Simple decoration for the party


Oh! It’s so difficult to capture a nice family potrait

birthday party_discussion

He has two cousins around his age and he enjoyed their company very much! The three of them were having so much fun that when time to go home, the two cousins cried!! Hope to have such a gathering again…



DH bought him a set of drum an a small car as his birthday present this year.