Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mr Teo and Family

One day, Mr Teo walked pass Candy’s working desk and saw Candy browsing my blog. He was attracted by the dolls on the screen and asked Candy about it.

Mr Teo’s wedding anniversary was around the corner and he wanted to get something unique for his wife. He asked Candy to contact me to check whether I could make a family set for him. He wanted his wife to dress in wedding gown and his two girls as flower girls. So sweet, how could I reject it…

En and Yun are the girls name. They were holding a basket of flowers.





Come, Fly with me…..

This is a very cute small doll that Leey has asked me to make for her very good friend.

Cherie asked me to make a suitcase for her to hold. Obviously, her friend LOVES to travel… She wants her friend to always bring this doll along with her whenever she goes. How sweet!

Her friend also like Chanel very much and asked me to find a Channel charm. Took me 2 days to search the charm. Thank GOD, I found it in one of the craft supplies stores.




Wedding Couple and small dolls for EJ

Very late post…
EJ wanted a pair of wedding dolls and 10 small dolls for her sisters for her wedding in Feb this year.
EJ’s wedding gown has a very pretty wedding gown! It’s halter neck with thick collar. She has a GOLD wedding theme. I have this very nice GOLD chain and I’ve sewn the chain around the collar to show the thickness of the collar. I’m glad she loves it!
Then this 10 little angels are for her sisters. Each of them holds a heart with their name on it…

Wedding Couple for Carmen

Wow! My last post was more than a month ago!! Apologize to those that follow my blog. I was busy with a lot of stuffs, 24hours seems to be not enough for me! Joel is getting more and more demanding and always seeking for my attention. I also wanted to spend more time to him because now it’s the best time to ‘SOAK’ him with knowledge… Smile I’ll bring him to library once a week. He loves to go to library. Besides that, his class started last week. So I’ll have two morning free every week! YEAH!!

Back to my handmade… Smile.

This pair of wedding dolls are made for Shulin’s friend Carmen who tied her knot on March. It’s another pair of standing dolls. I’ve made an organza flower for the head dress. I’ll be sharing a tutorial on this soon. It’s easy to make.