Sunday, June 13, 2010


I’ve not been blogging for a month! I didn’t realize how time flies…. I was quite occupied lately. Occupied with:

1stly, my boy, whom I called my little monster… LOL!!

My little monster is 16th month old this month and he can walk on his own now! One fine day, he just stood up and walked on his own without any assistance. I was quite surprised!

He is more and more demanding too! If we refused to listen to him or scolded him, he’ll turn away and show an angry face! Gosh! But he picks up thing very fast too, though he can’t talk, I just need to tell/show him once, he’ll know what to do next. LOL!


2ndly, my aunt and family from US were here for holiday… The last time I met Megan, she was barely two. And now, she’s SEVEN!!! Time FLIES! She is very tall, for her age and she has a very sweet smile. She wanted to learn crochet from me and wanted to make a small cake that she can hang on her bag. Struggling with needles and yarns, ended up, I’ve made the cake for her… LOL!!! Joel had lots of fun with his ‘aunt’ and both of us miss them very much….




3rdly, I’m busy with my dolls making too… :) I really enjoy this business very much especially hearing compliments from my buyers. Few more pairs to come ‘till end of this year. Thanks to their support!

And lastly, I’ve mentioned in my previous blog that currently I'm taking a short course, the exam is just around the corner, so I’m also busy preparing for the exam. I pray that I can pass this exam!


chocolatelover said...

All the best in your exams!!!

As for joel's not talking, no big deal!! He will talk eventually.. Just like cayden, didnt speak much but simple works he can say..

Jullie Teo said...

Thanks, friend!

I'm sure this boy will be very talkative....