Monday, April 20, 2009

Beanie Hat for Joel

Since I've made 3 beanies, I decided to make one 'beanie hat' for Joel... Beanie hat?? It's a beanie with a short flap so that the flap can covers his eyes from light. I'm using Egyptian Cotton yarn and it's not too warm to wear.




I took this picture while he was asleep in his carrier. The beanie hat fits well on him.... And the flap works well too...


Last week, I was helping Betsy to make 3 beanies for one of her buyers... Wah! Stress man! Cos all beanies had to be completed within a week. I was kinda worry whether I could deliver or not. At last, I managed to complete 1 full beanie, that means with accessories, I completed the other two but without accessories... Thank God, Betsy rushed the other two and also corrected one of them for me before delivery... =P It's a good collaboration, even though there's some hi-cup here and there. Thanks Betsy for giving me this opportunity....




Aren't they cute?!! Can't wait to see baby Chloe to wear these little beanies. Hope they fit!