Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wedding Couple for Wenting

This pair of small wedding couple is for Wenting’s sister. She came to me quite last minute and I didn’t have time for bigger doll. Hence, I’ve made her a smaller version of wedding dolls for her sister on her birthday… :) So sweet….

“Hi Jullie! Just to let you know that my sis loves the wedding dolls that you’ve made… Very pretty!! Really appreciate ur help despite my last min order… Thanks lotsa lotsa!! (=^^=)”

Her messages full of this kind of cute cute icons…(=^^=)


Wedding Couple for Huisi

This pair of wedding dolls is a surprise gift to her husband-to-be. After showing to her husband, she sent me a sms:

“ Hi Jullie, tks for the dolls… my hubby find them very cute… great work :)”



Friday, September 17, 2010

Wedding Corsages for Ivy

Ivy wanted 6 corsages for her wedding. I’ve modified from the ‘classic’ corsages that I used to make… Yup, I’ve modified the wristband, instead of using ribbon, I’m using pearls…


Wedding Couple for Joyce

Joyce chanced upon my blog when she’s sourcing for a wedding gift for her friend… She wanted smaller version of wedding dolls. Since I’ve been making a few pairs lately, I accepted and did this pair for her. She wanted the bride in lace gown and wearing a tiara… As for the groom, she’ll like him to have specs and hold a heart-shaped pillow…

Very cute!” She exclaimed when she saw the dolls… I’m glad I didn’t disappoint her…


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wedding Couple for Fong

My cousin, Fong is getting married tomorrow… Since beginning of the year, his dear mom has asked me to make a pair of wedding dolls for them… I have to apologize,for being ‘always-last-minute’, I don’t have time to make a bigger pair…=P

My cousin saw the dolls and commented that they are really sweet and pretty… Most importantly, it’s the ONE and the ONLY ONE…LOL!!!

The dolls are measured approx. 4” tall…



Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wedding Corsages for Yenglin

I love these corsages very much, they are really beautiful and unique… This new version of corsage, I’ve changed the leave design to another type which look more like the leaves on roses.

Instead of stringing everything with pearls, I actually attached a crocheted flower with crystal in between so that it doesn’t look boring… ;)

As I’ve mentioned in my previous blog, I prefer this design, cos it’s easier to wear and look more stylish… Besides that, the ‘centre piece’ doesn’t drop below the wrist that often as compare to ribbon type.




Wedding Couple for Hazel’s friends, D & L

Hazel requested smaller version of wedding couple for her friends, D & L as their ROM’s gift…. :) Everything is crocheted… Simple, but sweet… :)

The height of both dolls are approx. 4” tall…

Hazel’s friends love them very much and send me an email:

“Mornin Jul,

My friend LOVE the dolls!! She thinks it's lovely and cute! ;)

Thanks again!! Looking forward to next, hehee =p

Cheers, Hazel”



Besides that, her friend also requested for a corsage… I’ve changed the design of the corsage a bit. Instead of using ribbon, I’ve used pearls… Well, seems like this design is very ‘IN’ now cos I have a few buyers requesting for that type of corsage…

Personally, I prefer this design than ribbon, because it’s easier to wear and also look more classy…. ;)