Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Balik Kampung!

Balik Kampung means Back to Hometown in Malay…

I’ll be going home to visit my family, especially my dear granny this coming Thursday! It’s just for the weekends and will be back on 4th of April… I’ve not been home for 2 years! The last time I was home was 2008 Chinese New Year… :(  Longing to go home for very very long! Miss my granny and miss the food there too!!

This is also the first time I’m bringing Joel back… :) I hope he’ll have great time there… So excited!!

Where is my hometown?? Well, I came from Sibu, Sarawak. It’s locate on the East of Malaysia, Borneo Island… A lot of my friends don’t really know where is this place and always thought I could go back by coach.. However, I can’t… I need to go back by plane. That’s why, I can’t go home regularly like some of my Malaysian friends who are staying at the west.



Images extracted from www.mapquest.com

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wedding Couple for Jun

Jun wanted a pair of wedding couple for her friend who is getting married on 1st of APRIL… :) It’s an easy date to remember… ;)

Her friend’s wedding theme is oriental theme and requested the bride doll to wear cheongsam… Previously, I had a few buyers requested for cheongsam bride doll, but due to time, I couldn’t do it for them. This  month is a quiet month for me, hence, I have plenty of time to try…

It’s not easy to sew the cheongsam though… Took me awhile to complete this set of wedding couple.  Jun hasn’t seen the real pair. I hope she’ll like them…. ;)

Due to the costume, I have to make this pair in standing position. But the dolls are soft and can’t stand well by itself, so, I have to make a base for them to stand on.



I’m using lace to sew the cheongsam. It’s really not easy. Pricked my fingers couple of time while sewing… :( But I love the result!!!


Monday, March 8, 2010

Wedding Couple for Feona

Feona wanted a pair of wedding couple for her friends. I’ve completed this couple quite sometime back; not knowing when she’ll be collecting from me. Unfortunately, when she wanted to collect them, I wasn’t at home. :( Thankfully, my DH drove me to the hotel where the wedding was held and drop the dolls with the concierge. Sigh, what a pity, I didn’t get to meet my long-time friend…



I've received two sms from her later in the evening:

“… I like them so much. Some of my friends were really amazed. Thanks for sending it all the way. Really appreciate.”

“My friend and her hubby like it very much…”

Wedding couple for CF & BS

Their wedding theme are pink and white. CF wanted her bride to have a bum on the side with flowers and her groom to hold a heart shape pillow with their name sewn on it… :)




I’ve noticed that this is a popular style that most of the brides will like to have: simple and sweet….

Heart-shape Birth Mark

I didn’t notice it until Betsy told me during our lunch the other day. We know that Joel has a birthmark on his left wrist, but we never notice it’s a heart-shape.



Tuesday, March 2, 2010

From Han and Seng….

I’m glad that Han’s and Seng’s wedding dolls brought them joy and happiness…

They brought their pair for photo shoot… It’s it lovely??


Wedding Photo from Han

On wedding day, their dolls were place on their bed. Han told me that the dolls had stolen their limelight. Instead of taking their picture; her friends, photographer, videographer, xiaodi, xiaomei, were taking pictures of their dolls!!!


Wedding Photo from Han

Monday, March 1, 2010

Knitted Wig!

OH GOSH!!! This is sooo weird but very very cute!

I chanced upon this blog while looking for DIY’s materials… I find it’s very interesting and will like to share…