Friday, May 7, 2010

Wedding Couple for Martin & Widi

I’ve been very busy lately… Not only rushing for orders, I also took up a short course to enrich my knowledge… :) This course will help me in my new venture in future… Not many people know cos I only share with the closer ones. It’s interesting and challenging, will be sharing more in one of blogs soon.

Martin is a very sweet guy… He was very worried that I couldn’t do the wedding couple for him. He dropped me emails and message to check whether I could help me. Seeing his sincerity, despite the short lead-time, I took up his order… :)

He send me a photo of his wife with her face blurred… I laughed when I saw the photo…=P Dear friends, next time, no need to blur the face, your photos are safe with me…. hehehehe….



The bridal doll was made almost the same as the photo send by Martin… I’m glad Widi loves the dolls…

“Hi, Jullie, I love the dolls! They are very beautiful. Thank you :)”

Sms send by Widi

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