Saturday, September 26, 2009

8th month old...

Joel is 8th month old!! His excited mommy brought him out for a long walk (actually shopping spree) yesterday and today she is suffering from body ache... Sigh...

This little rascal has grown very fast! During his last visitation to the doc for his usual check up and immunization, which was two weeks ago, he was weighed at 9.5kg! But doc didn't say anything, she just said, wow, your mom's milk is powerful... *tsk*tsk*...

6 months

He starts to get more and more alert with thing happening around him and explores them... DH said he's getting more 'kaypoh' (nosey) and getting more difficult to handle.. He starts to show cheeky & naughty faces, and always make funny sounds to grab our attention... He begins testing our authority, when we told him not to touch, the more he would do it and he'll look at us to see our expression!!! And now he knows how to demand too, he'll make sure he'll get it, otherwise, he'll wail!! His wailing can really blow you away! 

Besides that, he starts to appreciate 'TV programs' especially advertisement with kids & music. He'll turn over to watch. But so far, he doesn't hook on TV... Hope this will never happen... =P


Well, DH had brought him for his 2nd hair shave! Sigh... Joel always look bald in his photos... DH said he looks cuter with he's botak head! *mute*

His other developments since 6 months ago:

  • Loves to grab things and put it inside his mouth... Sigh...
  • And he also loves to shake things and bang them! That's why, we bought him drums... Hahahha... And this little baby can really hit it well...
  • Stares and looks at things for very long, as if like figuring out how objects are related
  • All of sudden, he no longer afraid of stranger
  • Loves to smile & giggle a lot
  • Able to recognize more and more things and words...
  • Able to engage in some games like Peek-A-Boo
  • Able to sit very steadily without support.
  • Likes to raise his legs up when sitting on high chair...
  • Well, still babblers a lot... Now, making more funny sounds...
  • Later part of 7 months, he likes to move around and stand

Not much change in his routine, he still sleeps 'till 10 am most of the time and he still takes at least 2 naps during the day. And each nap can last at least 1.5 hours... Phew...

Last two weeks of his 7th month, Joel learnt to crawl and now he can crawl pretty well.. Thank God, we have a play mat and it's really useful for Joel to learn thing and play on it... =P Not so painful if he falls... Hub and I are considering whether to get a play yard, but worried that Joel doesn't want to stay inside. So, we decided to rent first to see his reaction.


Joel is taking solid food now. Initially I started him with cereal... Then, he developed pretty bad rash around his mouth. I bought 3 different cereals; brown rice, white rice with milk & organic brown rice, and after taken them, the rash would appeared.... I didn't know it was allergy until we brought him to see doctor. Joel is allergic to some substance in the cereal. So, now I'm feeding Joel with porridge.


I'm very very careful with his food. According to books, try one vegetable at a time for a week before starting on another one. I did that... So, I started with carrot, then, sweet potato, pumpkin and etc... So far so good... Phew...

I bought a very small slow cooker and throw everything inside and cook. So easy. Will blog about it one of these days... =P

Well... 6th and 7th months were very challenging to me, cos Joel has started to learn new thing and take solid food... I did a lot of reading and research. Everyday, definitely would have new discovery. Overall, I really enjoyed it... ;)


Wedding Dolls for YL

YL asked me to make a pair of wedding dolls for a good friend of hers.... I had send her my usual list of of questionnaires to personalize the dolls, well, she never send back to me at all!! It's up to me to personalize. GREAT!

So, I did this pair... It's a simple but elegant ones... Not too overly accessorized and not too colorful... Just plain white... Initially I was very worried that she might rejects it cos compared to the other wedding pairs, this pair considers the 'simplest' & 'plainest'... =P

THANK GOD! She likes them very much. Especially the bride...She like the lacy gown, low back gown (forgot to snap the back view of the bride) & the hair decoration too (very her, cos she likes ribbons)... Something new, she said... =P

Well, I hope her friend will like it too... Wish the newly weds abundant happiness!!



Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Wah! My boy knows how to crawl! I was so excited when he crawled to get the remote control this afternoon...
Joel is turning 8 months old in 4 more days.... :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

DIY Drum Set

My father in law is the founder to this new set of drum... He put coins in an empty tube and taught Joel to shake and hit.... Manage to capture this on video... There's one part when Joel showed sour face, that's because he hit himself with the tube. But this didn't stop him from hitting. This boy is having great fun with the new toys (and it comes almost free too).... =P

Monday, September 14, 2009

Lovely Penguin Couple for J

Another couple who is getting married on 20.09.2009!!

J came across my blog couple of days ago and was attracted by the wedding couples... She wanted me to make one pair of wedding couples for her friend who is getting married on 20.09.2009. BUT! Not human couple, it's a pair of penguin.. =P Very excited about this order cos, 1stly, I never make a penguin before, so it's good to try and 2ndly, not human doll. I've been making human wedding dolls all the time, kind of tired. =P

I've made this pair over the weekends. I made two different styles of penguins. The bride penguin, I made her with half pink and half white body, as if she's wearing a white gown, with a veil. The groom penguin, I've made him whole body blue and white on the front, as if he's wearing a tux. Of cos, not forgetting a red bow.

Aren't they cute??!! Thank God J likes them too!! May these pair bring her friends joy and happiness... ;)




Friday, September 11, 2009

Dolls for Siti and her sisters

Sweet Sweet Siti asked me to make 9 dolls (3 pairs of identical dolls) for herself, her eldest sister and her 2nd elder sister.

Birthday wishes to Siti's eldest sister:

"Selamat Hari Jadi, Kak. Semoga segala yang diiginkan terkabul dan semoga sihat walafiat"

*Wah, long time never converse in Malay. Thanks Riana for help..=P*


Siti and her 2 other sisters....Let me introduce to you:


This is Siti, who likes purple & looks young with 2 braids...


This is Siti's eldest sister with short hair and she likes orange.


This is Siti's 2nd elder sister with long hair and she likes emerald green and blue. By the way, she also likes to dress up, according to Siti...

Wedding Couple for Mic & Cal


Mic is a friend of Ivy. She contacted me for the wedding couple at the moment she saw Ivy's pair. Thanks Ivy... ;)

Their wedding theme is baby blue and white. Mic wanted me to sew her initial and also her husband, Cal initial on the doll.


Ahem... Cal is a bit tan. So I used darker yarn to crochet the doll... With 'tan' skin, black suit, black hair & black shoes, Cal looked 'boring' at first. Then I've crocheted a heart for him to hold, at least now he looks more interesting. When I saw Cal in person, he does look a bit like his 'doll'... *tsk*tsk*...




Besides that, Mic also wanted 9 corsages for her sisters... Since she's holding her wedding at two venues on different dates, she wanted something that last long. Well, the wedding corsages that I've made for not only last for two venues but they last FOREVER! I even included pins so that after the wedding, they can actually glue corsage to the pin as brooch...



I've met up with them last Wednesday. They are really lovely and friendly couple. The best thing I got was their praises... They really like the dolls and corsages. Phew!

To Cal & Mic,

23 The man said, "This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called 'woman, ' for she was taken out of man."

24 For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.

Genesis 2:23-24

Monday, September 7, 2009

Tong's Birthday @ U.Me

Last Saturday we attended my niece, Tong's birthday party. It's held @ U.Me, a two storey unit that is located on the ground floor of a very old HDB flat at Indus Road. Pretty cool place!!


One year ago, I've made her a bean-sprout husk pillow and now she's already ONE! Time really flies!!

We bought her a Go-Baby Go! Stride-To-Ride Lion by Fisher Price from Taka's baby fair. Though this little girl already know how to walk, hopefully she'll enjoy riding it.

image image

Besides that, I bought these lovely personalized hair clips from a good friend cum companion of mine, YL. She did a good job on the clips. Can see that she put a lot of her efforts & sincerity to make these hair clips, that they don't look like handmade at all! Even my cousin thought I bought them from some departmental store. Well done YL!!


It was a good time to catch up with my aunt and some of my cousin's friends & cousin-in-law's relatives... Not forgetting the food! Yummy!!

My dear boy was enjoying himself too... He talked a lot that day, well, I mean blabbered a lot! And pretty friendly too cos anyone could just carry him!! Good BOY! ;)


Taken with Joel's grand-aunt. My eldest aunt.  


tong's bday

Well, before the party ended, my boy was so tired that he literally fallen asleep on his daddy's arm... It was really an enjoyable party...


"Happy Happy Blessed Birthday Tong.... "

Love 婷姨,Alan 姨丈 & Joel 弟弟.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Joel Sitting Sequence

Something to share.... ;) Managed to capture this yesterday afternoon...