Wednesday, July 28, 2010

About a Photographer, Chris Lee

I’ve known him for the past 8 years. I met Chris while attending a course… Then later, his company engaged me as their consultant to implement system in their company and have been working with him and his team closely for the past 8 years. Erhem… I used to be an Engineering Software consultant…=P

During then, I knew Chris’s loves to take pictures. He and his colleagues even formed a photography team and this team is still very active, even some of them already left the company. Whenever I visited his company, he would show me the photos he took. I realized he is very talented in this area! Then, during my wedding, I invited him to become my photographer… :) Just for fun, no pressure… He agreed instantly… He never failed us! Both my hubby and I were very impressed by his work!! Very natural and touching! And from then, I know, Chris would excel in this field….


My Wedding dolls taken by Chris on my wedding day


 image image

On my AD

For the past years, he had been moonlightings and kept building his port-folios… I never get tired of looking at his shots! They are all very beautifully and interestingly taken!

Today, he has decided to step out from circular world by leaving his engineering career behind and pursue his interest and dream as a professional photographer full-time! It’s competitive and may not be wise, but I believe he can! 






You can see his whole collections of work @ and

His official website:

Apart from being a skillful photographer, I like Chris personality. He is humble and easy going… Even though he received numerous recognitions and some of his photos were selected for magazines and exhibitions such as ASIAN GEOGRAPHIC, he is never proud. When he knew that I had intention to blog about him, he was very excited and kept reminding me to do so every other day. Can see that he is very serious about this new venture of his!

It’s not easy to find someone whom can be trusted, especially having him to capture all the precious moments that only happened once in your life time, but Chris is the person you can. :)

Dear friends, if you are keen to find out more about Chris’s services, do feel free to drop him an email: For your info, neither am I receiving a single referral fee from him nor he is obliged to give special discount to my referral. I just feel that good talents are worth to share!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Granny’s 80th Birthday Bash

Last Friday, we went to Kuching, Sarawak to celebrate my granny’s birthday. It’s a 3 days and 2 nights trip and we stayed in an apartment @ Merdeka Palace.

This is the first time after many many many years where all my relatives from my maternal side gather together. It’s very difficult to have all of them back, cos my grandmother has 9 CHILDREN, especially two of my aunts who one of them are staying in US and the other in Australia.

We’ve already booked out tickets 3 months ago, once the date & location were confirmed. I’m glad it was held in Kuching, cos it’s we can take a direct flight from Singapore.

We took Tiger Air. The flight was not so full, hence Joel had his own seat… :) This little boy was very excited to see plane… Coming to 18th month, Joel starts to understand and being curious about everything around him, so, this trip was more meaningful to him. He kept pointing the plane and swung his hands as if he’s flying.



We were staying @ Merdeka Palace in Kuching. My uncle booked an apartment with 3 bedrooms for us. It’s so spacious!



My dad drove from Sibu to Kuching on the same day we arrived. Being in Kuching several time, my dad became our ‘tour-guide’ for a morning… LOL!!! This is my first time after 20 years to re-visit Kuching. and I really had no idea how the city looks like. There’s a lot of development going on. Hence, the town was a bit ‘messy’… Hehehehe… I believe another 3 years, it will look very different!


Saturday was the dinner. Joel never attend any 9 course dinner before. Initially, my DH and I were worried whether he’ll be frightened or cranky… So, we forced him to take a nap at 5 plus and then we got ready our weapons; biscuits, waters, cakes and etc…. to distract him during the dinner.

Surprisingly this little monster was very well-behaved! He was in 110% good mood… Smiling and waving at everyone! All my relatives were praising him being friendly… I’m very proud of him!




The dinner started with Longevity noodle, supposed to be mee-sua, but the hotel doesn’t have mee sua. Instead of using mee sua, they replaced it with KOLO-MEE!!! Weird, but YUMMY!!!!


After three dishes, my 3rd uncle came to stage to give a speech about my grandmother… It was so touching and almost everyone was in tear… Truly, my grandmother is a great woman who gave birth to 9 children and brought up single-handedly. During then, my grandfather was very busy working to provide for the family. Household was all taken care by my grandmother. It’s not easy at all, after being a mom myself.


Photo session was a challenge… It’s quite chaotic… LOL!!



Then later, all the grandchildren, from youngest to oldest (that’s me), lined up to take red-packet from my grandmother. Joel was her first great grand son! This little boy, walked toward her on his own to receive the red packet and followed by a hug…



What a memorable night… :) I really miss all of them and I’m looking forward to another gathering like this in future. It’s so good to catch up with my aunts, uncles and cousins…

Then on Sunday, we took Tiger Air back to Singapore. I’m sure Joel miss his young uncles and aunties greatly!! He had so much fun with them. The youngest was Uncle Bryan, he’s 5 this year! Then there’s Aunt Megan, she’s 7 and Uncle Jared, he’s 10, I think… And lastly, my youngest brother, whom Joel loves to disturb.



Wedding Couple for Ander & Kelly

Ander and Kelly will be bringing this lovely pair of wedding couple for their wedding shot tomorrow.

Kelly will be holding her wedding in a church and wanted a ‘nature’ theme for her wedding. So, I used flowers and crystals for this pair… Hair bands seem to be a trend now… Hence, I put hair band and flowers. It’s really lovely…



  Anders collected the dolls just now and Kelly hasn’t seen it.. I hope she’ll like it… Wish both of them have an enjoyable shooting tomorrow…

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wedding Couple for PS

This pair is one of my favorite…. :) I love both the bride and groom dolls… The design is simple and sweet.



“Gorgeous! You are wonderful. Thanks, Jullie”

Sms from PS