Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wedding Dolls and Personalized Dolls for Paul and Ting

Honestly, I’ve been rushing this order for the past one week! I’ve under-estimated the amount of work to be done. THANK GOD, I have a great great helper, YL to help me to complete this order. Without her, I don’t think I could make it on time! Tiring but full of satisfaction!

Ting’s wedding is on 28th of Feb, the 15th day of Lunar New Year, also Chinese Valentine day….




If you notice, the groom’s hairstyle is different from the usual ones. She actually drew the hairstyle she wanted, and I just tried to make accordingly… Turn out pretty well… ;) Besides that, she wanted her groom to hold a heart with their initial on top.


As for her bride, she wanted an ivory/gold gown. Took me awhile to find the suitable yarn and also lining for the gown. Then she wanted a long veil… This is the first time I did my own lace, by attaching one onto the other one. YL said the outcome is good! If I didn’t mention, she’ll never notice it…


Then she wanted exaggerate hair’s accessories with blings. Honestly, I’m taking my risk on this. I found these 3 flowers that had glass diamond in the middle from a small tailor shop near my place. I though it would suit the theme, which is Gold, very much… So, I decided to use them, then I added crystals as leaves.

Then, she also asked me to make 8 personalized dolls for her sisters that helped out on the day of her wedding! These 8 personalized dolls are made according to their HAIRSTYLES! Wah, very challenging at first… I hope I have delivered the results….

These dolls are angels and they are holding hearts that have their name on top! This is also the first time I sewn so many characters… Practice really makes Perfect!


All the angels are wearing champagne color dress. I’m using Egyptian cotton, Yellow (#235) from Knotty Bicsie. This is the nearest color to champagne color. Then I’ve made ribbons for all the angels.



Grace: She has brown shoulder-length hair with long fringe that combed to the side.

Shann: She has black shoulder-length hair with long fringe that combed to the side


Hui: She has long brown hairs

Bina: She has short black hair


Claire: She has short brown hair with short fringe.

Wen: She has short black hair with short fringe that combed to the side.


Sasa: She has long brown curly hair with long fringe that combed to the side

Mok: She has long brown curly hair with fringe that split at the middle

Personalized Doll for Mary

Mary wanted a bigger doll for her friend. So, I decided to make a 6” tall doll, which is similar to the size of the wedding dolls… Mary told me that her friend has long hair. Her favorite color is Pink. Besides that, she loved Mickey and Minnie Mouse. The moment I heard Mickey and Minnie Mouse, 2 big Mouse ears came to my mind. Besides that, Minnie LOVES to wear short mini skirt, so tutu skirt came into my mind too…

Mary loves the doll and she said her friend would too… Hope so….



Personalized Dolls for JW

I’ve made these 3 lovely dolls for JW’s sisters that helped out on her wedding day. JW wanted me to personalize the dolls according to their favorite colors and hairstyles! She loves them a lot. Hope her sisters too….

I was trying to create a Chinese New Year mood for this shot, because we are still celebrating Chinese New Year… LOL


Sister 1: JW wanted a hair-band for her. I was using the Gold Spark yarn I got from Knotty Bicsie.


Sister 2: She loves Pink and White and she will like to have a halo of flowers on her head…. :)


Sister 3: Is my favorite! She has curly hair… I really like to do curly hair dolls, they look so cute! Then her favorite color is purple, so I added 2 purple ribbons at the side to make her cuter!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Prosperous Lunar New Year

“Gong Xi Gong Xi” Joel wishes all of you 恭喜发财,万事如意

  by offering a mandarin orange that signifies good fortune….

May the year of the Tiger brings joy, prosperity and love to all of you and your loved ones….


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wedding Couple for Su See’s friend

I’ve been busy lately. CNY is just around the corner, I’ve been busy cleaning up and preparing for CNY. Besides that, my little rascal is getting naughtier and wanting my attention all the time… :( I can only craft when he’s asleep…. Thanks to my good friend and also good helper for helping me to do some parts of the doll. Otherwise, I don’t think I can complete all of them on time!

PHEW! I’ve managed to complete Su See’s dolls on time! She asked me to make this pair for her good friends in Malaysia. She loves the paper flowers and lace, so, I had made the classic wedding dolls…




I didn’t use my usual background for the photo shoot cos I was running out of time.

She came over my place this afternoon to collect them. Oh yea, the groom was suppose to wear a spec. She said after putting on the specs, it looks exactly like her friend. LOL! Glad she likes it…

Wedding Couple for BJ & Ivan

The world is very small, or shall I say, Singapore is very small…. =P

BJ is Betsy’s friend, Ivan is my ex colleague, and both of them saw the wedding dolls that I showcased with Knotty Bicsie @ Gift Fair 2009! Though they already married, but they would like to have a pair that made according to one of their wedding photos.




Another coincident, BJ’s parents are staying a few blocks away from mine! LOL! The dolls were personally delivered to her parents’ place. So far, this lovely couple have not seen the dolls, due to their busy schedule. I really hope both of them will like it…