Friday, May 7, 2010

Wedding Couple for Bernice’s Photo Shoot

This is the 2nd pair of wedding dolls I’ve made for photo shoot.

Bernice is the first bride that requested a plain wedding gown with blings… Besides that, she wanted black sash. I was quite surprised when she said she doesn’t want lacy gown. Most of the brides were attracted to the nice laces I used. But for Ber, she prefers something plain.

I’ve spend quite sometimes on her set. I redo the gown twice in order to get a nicer effect. Besides that, I’ve added quite a lot of Swarovski crystals on her gown. Her color theme is black and red. Instead of traditional white, nowadays, black has became one of the favorite among bridals.

After completing the dolls, I was very satisfied with the result.




Can’t wait to see her actual wedding shoot with the dolls…. :)


chocolatelover said...

The black sash really make a difference.

In fact, I had requested a black wedding gown on my wedding day 3 yrs ago but the bridal shop dont have it!!

I think now is a trend to have black for wedding!!

Jullie Teo said...

Hi Christie,

Yea... True... My colleague's wife also wearing a gown with black details the other night... Very unique and nice....