Sunday, August 14, 2011

Note from Jullie

Dear all,

Sorry for being late! Late in everything… Late in replying email, late in updating my blog and photo album… So sorry…Smile with tongue out I’ve been very busy rushing my orders. Besides that, I’m also spending more time with my little terrible two.

I really want to thank my friends that love and appreciate my handmade. Without your words of compliment, I don’t think I can continue this business. I felt terrible for rejecting orders. Sad smile Sometimes, I need to do so because I know I won’t be able to do a good job. Apologize for doing so.


I’m packed for this year. I won’t be taking in any order for this year. As for next year, I’ll be only doing 4 – 5 pairs of wedding dolls. I want to ensure my quality and uniqueness of the dolls. Winking smile 

Following are some of my favourites…