Sunday, September 28, 2014

Blue Moon

Last year, we have personalized 2 popular idols from one of the famous Korean Boy Bands with their 2 fanatic fans. The dolls were measured approx. 18cm. In fact, it was our first time personalizing big casual dolls besides our classic wedding dolls. Love the process of making these dolls very much. We personalized to every details based on our buyer's requests.

I didn't take picture of the other two dolls due to last minute delivery. This is one of them with his fan.

Smaller Size Wedding Dolls

Our classic wedding dolls are standing at 18cm tall. Some of our buyers requested for smaller version wedding dolls due to their budget or sometimes, they just want something simple but unique. This pair of dolls is measuring at 12cm tall.

Our smaller wedding dolls are unique

I don't really like to make boring stuffs, I'll try to explore interesting stitches or patterns to make the dolls more outstanding than others. Look at the details on the wedding gown, to some, it's intricate. I used clam stitches for the gown and then, added pearl string across the waistline to make the gown looks more elegant. Don't you think so? As for the groom, it can stand on it's own. :) 

However, unlike our classic 18cm tall wedding dolls, customization is limited for this pair. We can only customize the hairstyles, the wedding color theme and colors of the yarns that use to make the dolls.

We are selling the 12cm tall wedding dolls at SGD120 per pair. Kindly give us 4 - 8 weeks to make the dolls. Feel free to drop us an email at julshandmade[at] for more info.  

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Super Heroes Series - Iron Man

We are starting a Super Heroes Series and so far, we have made Wonder Woman, Hulk, Captain America, Batman and Superman.

Iron Man is the latest doll that we've made. It's a request from a nice lady who wants to add the Iron Man doll into her husband's Iron Man collection.

Iron Man
This time, I took time to write down the pattern. Yes, I'm planning to sell the pattern soon but let me refine it.
Work In Progress

It took me almost 2 days to design the pattern. It looks pretty straightforward. However, in order to make the doll small and keep the proportion right, it's not easy at all. I actually undo and redo quite a few time before I got it right. The doll is measured approx. 12cm tall. What do you think of the finish product? Do give me your feedback so that I can improvise.

To Pre-order Iron Man, kindly drop us an email at julshandmade[at]

Friday, September 26, 2014

Personalized Dolls for 7 Good Friends

A lovely lady wanted to personalize dolls for her 7 good friends. These dolls were personalized based on their features & interest.

She likes to play tennis. We crocheted the doll in sports attire and holding a tennis racket.

She likes to bake & habit of smoking. This is my favorite! The cake is cute & the cigarette is so real!
She's a cat lover. 

The rocket represented this pretty doll. Her friend has her fringe highlighted in green. And she likes to wear long black dress... 

Probably she likes to drink MILO (Chocolate powder), so she wanted this doll to hold a tin of Milo... Always in jeans and sneakers. 

She loves macrons and always in cardigan. She has long hair with bang. 

She loves to sing. She's always in skirts and slippers. 

She's her former classmate. We crocheted a backpack for this doll to carry. 

Personalized Small Dolls for brides maids

Beautiful personalized small dolls for brides maids. They are measured at 9cm. We personalized based on their wedding theme. To differentiate individual dolls, we crocheted their hairs based on their hair color and hair style. We also embroidered their initial on the heart pillows.

Small Dolls in Blue theme... 

Small doll in tiger costume, cos the bridemaid's zodiac is tiger! 

Small dolls in blue theme

The little envelope is for the bride to put a small note in it

Small dolls in Pink theme

Small Dolls in blue theme with pearl hairband

Small Dolls in Blue theme with Ribbon

Small Doll in Blue and Pink theme

Kai & Yang Personalized Wedding Dolls

Personalizing wedding dolls for this couple was really fun. 1stly, the bride wanted a gown that looked like her evening gown and with flower hair band. 2ndly, the groom is a soccer fanatic, so they requested a soccer ball for him. Lastly, they wanted to include their pet dog that looks so cute!

Wedding Dolls in Traditional Chinese costume

Lovely Pair of wedding dolls in traditional Chinese costume. The bride is in crocheted Kua. I was using a finer yarn to crochet the Kua. I've embroidered flowers and added crystals on the Kua.  

Doctor and Nurse

The groom is a Doctor and the bride is a Nurse. A customized wedding dolls based on their occupations from the nurse's sister. Lovely.

Wedding Dolls on Year 2013 (Part 2)

Throwbacks Part 2.
Wedding Couple in Blue Theme

Wedding Couple in Blue Theme

Wedding Couple in White theme.

Wedding Dolls

Wedding Dolls in Pink theme

Wedding Dolls in Purple theme

Wedding Dolls with bride in short skirt 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Wedding Dolls on year 2013 (Part 1)

Throwback until year 2013. Let me summarize the wedding dolls that I've made in that year. We have made a lot of wedding dolls in year 2013. All the dolls are unique! Aren't they lovely?!

Casual Wedding Dolls with their pets

Wedding Dolls in Pink theme

Wedding Dolls in Blue theme

Wedding Dolls in Blue theme with let down hairdo

Wedding Dolls with Bride braided hairdo

Wedding Dolls for a lovely couple from Brazil

Wedding Dolls from BFFs to BFF

Bride with crown.

Jullie is back to BLOGGING!!

I've not been blogging for almost two years. All this while, we posted all our creations in our Jullie's Handmade Fanpage. But until recently, I realized that I have some readers who do not have FB accounts. I do not want them to miss any of our posts. Hence, this is the reason that I've decided to start blogging.

I'll start off by introducing our Jullie's Handmade logo.

This logo was designed by my brother, Jin. It represents me and Elaine. Elaine is the one with specs and short hair. Isn't it lovely? 

Then, my friend, Lynda, the founder of Little Odd Forest, helped to make our business card. Simple and nice. Don't you think so?