Saturday, November 20, 2010

“Handmade – A – Fair”

Last year, Knotty Bicsie’s Handmade-a-fair was showcasing a group of talented crafters on their handmade. Jullie’s handmade had show-cased a pair of wedding dolls & corsages during the event…

Handmade-A-Fair is back! But this year, it’s organized differently. Instead of showcasing crafter’s works, it will be showcasing talented instructors! And again, Jullie’s Handmade will be participating!


Angelically Yours is the theme of our workshop! Jullie and her friend will be conducting workshop on making Swarovsky Crystal Angels.


Angels are always associated to protection and love. I’ve made more than 100 over Swarovski Angels  during my wedding to be given to my loved ones… Though it’s small but very meaningful!

If you are thinking of gifts idea for this coming Christmas, Swarovsky Angel will be an ideal Christmas gift to that special someone. It will be more special if you made it on your own!

To register, pls email me your Full Name, Contact Number, & Name of Workshop you are signing up for. Email:

Closing Date: 5th Dec 2010

Angels kit sets will be available for sales on that day too. 

Friday, November 19, 2010

Wedding Corsages for Idy

I’ve made a pair of wedding couple for Idy couple of months back for her wedding shot.

Now, she asked to make 12 pieces of corsages for her dear sisters and friends… :) All her corsages are unique in colors…





Wedding Couple & Small Dolls for Wylyn

This pair of wedding couple is made for Wylyn and her Caucasian husband… Their wedding theme is pink and brown! Very unique combinations…


Besides that, she also requested 6 personalized dolls for her good friends….


X: Her friend with long hair and love pink and peach. She’ll like to have flowers on her head…

A: Her friend who loves to bake and she has long brown hair


B: Her friend who is sexy with long curl… So, I’ve made a bikini doll for her… hehehehehe


M: Her friend who has a pink streak hair on her fringe

R: Her friend who is a PE teacher and very stitch


Lastly, my favorite….

S: Her friend who LOVES Korean Drama and she has short brown hair…

Wedding Couple for Cherry and Gwyn

Wedding Couple for Cherry

Cherry would like to add eye lashes on her bride’s doll…. I was a bit worry cos eye lashes can affect the whole expression of the dolls… But I’m happy with the turn out… hehehehe



Wedding Couple for Gwyn

Gwyn wedding gown is in ivory…. If you notice, I’ve replaced 0 with ‘heart’ shape… That’s because it’s sooo difficult to sew 0… :( I may use this method in future if my buyers allow… =P


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wedding Couple cum Ring Pillow for Ferlyn

Ferlyn will like to incorporate a ring pillow to the pair of wedding couple…

Since the groom’s doll is holding a heart, I’ve converted the heart shaped pillow to a ring pillow…




Wedding Couple for Sharon

I’ve personalized a pair of octopus last year for Sharon and her ‘boyfriend’ then.

This December, this two lovely couple will tie their knot and this pair of dolls is specially personalized for them. Sharon told me she’ll like to have tiara on her head. I can’t find a miniature tiara, hence I got a friend to make one for me…


P1040141 m

Smaller version of Wedding Couples

I’ve made these wedding couples for ‘last minute’ orders… =P Some orders came in quite late and I don’t have time to make bigger pair… I LOVE the smaller version of wedding couples… They are equally cute and unique on their own…

These dolls are measured approx. 4.5” tall. Since it’s smaller, they are simpler and with less accessories.

This pair is for Sis Ing’s colleague who has got married on 6th Nov. She loves them so much!



This is for Joyce’s cousin, Joyce wanted a bigger version but her order came in too late that I won’t be to rush for her so I’ve suggested a smaller pair for them…


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wedding Couple for Betsy

Betsy, founder of Knotty Bicsie and I, founder of Jullie’s handmade, are collaborating. We have been collaborating since the day we met! I’m very grateful to have a friend like her. When she’s busy, I’ll swing over to help her on her orders and sometimes her classes. When I need her, she’ll swing herself and sometimes, her mother, over to help… LOL!!! We help each other in everywhere, except, babysitting our kids. ;)

This time round, Betsy wants to focus on her workshops and teachings. I’ll be blogging about it soon. Any enquiry of wedding dolls or wedding related stuffs, she’ll pass to me. This pair of dolls is made for one of her buyer in HK.

The buyer wanted the bride doll to keep the hair down. Then I’ve added pearls strings as hair band with flowers on it… Blame on my photography skill, I should have taken a photo from top to show the hairdo. It looks very sweet on the actual doll.



Wedding Couple for Ai Ling

Ai Ling requested NO LACE for her bride doll… She prefers satin. It’s a challenge to me. I had redo the gown at least 3 times before I got the effect that I want. It’s not easy at all… But I'm quite happy with the outcome. Most importantly, Ai Ling and her husband LOVE them!



Wedding Couple for Vanessa

Talk about Vanessa… I’ve known her for more than 2 years! How? Well, Vanessa is working with CORDLIFE. She was the one who introduced to us on storing baby’s cord blood stem cells. During then, she was engaged to her husband and we were chatting about setting up family. She is very friendly and easy to get along with… Coincidently, during our 2nd meeting, I brought my digital camera along with me. While waiting for my friends, I showed her the wedding dolls I’ve made. I just started making dolls leisurely… She LOVES them instantly and placed an order. LOL!!! She just collected her dolls last few weeks and was telling me that she’s been waiting for this day for very long!

P.S. Erhem… To those new mothers, if you want to find out more about CORDLIFE, you can look for Vanessa… Do drop me an email if you want her contact… ;)

Vanessa wrote a message in my facebook:

“Hi Jullie! Thanks for the gorgeous wedding dolls! Colin loves them as much as i do! :)”



Wedding Couple for Rosalind and J

Rosalind send me a wedding photo of herself with a very very nice hairdo. She had one bunch of organza flowers on her head. Hence, I’ve made organza ribbons for her bride doll too.

“Thanks A lot!! Love them to bits, especially the bride hehe. Am going to display them on my reception table at the hotel. And also tks for wrapping up the 2 little dolls. :)”

SMS by Rosalind



Besides that, she’ll like to have something for her two MCs… So, I suggested these two angel dolls for them.

J has short hair with long fringe and E has long hair with short fringe. Both of them have wings behind them… Very sweet!


Wedding Couple For Jac and W

It’s been a month since I’ve blogged… I nearly ‘drown’ in rushing orders… =P I’ll like to thank some of my friends that have been following my blogs for their concerns and wishes. So sweet.. *HUGS*

The Nasal Surgery that I had on 14th of Oct was a success… I was unable to smell for the past 2 and half years due to serious sinusitis. I wasn’t able to taste too, I could only taste whether the food is sweet, sour, spicy or salty. Yes, even DURIAN… I couldn’t taste durian at all… Well, it was a blessing in disguise for me during my pregnancy, as I didn’t have nausea problem and I didn’t have problem using public toilet… =P

The CT-scan shown that my nasal cavities that were supposed to be filled with air were almost 100% blocked with polyps and mucous… The only treatment option I had is surgery!

The surgery was very long! I was pushed in by 9:30am and was out from the OT by 6pm! Though it’s supposed to be a day surgery, due to long hours under anesthesia, I was warded for a night. I kept praying that I could smell again. My doc didn’t want to give me an assurance because this problem had been bothering me for too long and she worry that the nerves might be badly affected.

Well, after a week of resting, I FINALLY CAN SMELL AGAIN!!!! The first thing I wanted to smell is JOEL. Joel has very nice smell!!! Even his poo smells nice for the first time… LOL!!! But not after that… Now I can enjoy food. After this operation, I’m starting to appreciate ‘smelling’ and ‘tasting’ things around me, especially food.

During this time, I was very very grateful to my dear husband, who had took one week leave to take care of Joel for me… I was very surprised with his capabilities of handling Joel. Thanks, dear.. *MUACK*… Not forgetting my friends. I was very grateful to have friends around me when I need help. There is one very special friend that I really thank GOD for her, YL…. She really helps me a lot! Without her, I don’t think I can get my orders out on time! She has been my great helper for more than a year in this handmade business… I always believe, working as a team is better than working alone. I’m glad to have her in my team.

This pair was the first pair I did after my surgery….

If you notice, I’ve been using crystal beads for most of the wedding dolls… These crystal beads are Swarovski. Previously I used glass beads but glass beads don’t shine as nice as crystal beads. Besides that, I’m using Japanese Tulle Lace that I managed to source from one local supplier. The Japanese Tulle Lace is more expensive than China lace, BUT the quality is so much better. Even the supplier told me that they only get tulle lace direct from Japan and is very disappointed with the China supplier.

I love the dolls that I’ve made to look pretty! And I don’t like to disappoint my buyers. I love to see their expressions when they received the dolls… That’s the satisfaction I want to have… A lot of works but all efforts paid off after seeing the smiles on their face!