Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bake Lasagna using Slow Cooker

Ever since I'm pregnant with baby Joel, I love to cook... I'm not sure why. Cooking or baking is kind of craft too... Don't you think so? A kind of hobby, involves patience & creativity... :)

My dear SIL passed me her slow cooker the other day cos she has no patience using the slow cooker, it's too SLOW to COOK... Excited of having the slow cooker, I started to search for slow cooker recipes... Hundreds of recipes can be found. However, I was kinda confused with those cooking terms, until I came across this wonderful site:! Not only sharing about recipes, it also shares pictorial cooking guides using slow cooker!

Best of all, they have my favorite dish recipe, LASAGNA! Well, for those who wonders what is Lasagna, a dish with layers of pasta & beef bakes at high temp. and it's Garfield's favorite dish too... =P

Now then I know, how easy it is to cook Lasagna. Following the ingredients on the site, I went for groceries shopping on Friday night. To bake lasagna using slow cooker requires 4 to 5 hours to cook, that is how SLOW COOKER gets its name. Of cos you can bake it using oven... :) The preparation and cooking method are the same.

On Friday night, I prepared & cooked the fillings: Simple ingredients - Onions, garlic, beef, tomatoes, spaghettis sauces and lots of cheese... Let it cooled down, then put into the fridge.


On Saturday morning, around 10am, I started with soften the lasagne noodle in boiling water. I used around 6 pcs of lasagna noodles.


1stly, I spread one layer of fillings at the bottom of the slow cooker.


Then followed by lasagne noodle.


Lastly, spread 'KRAFT' grated parmesan cheese on top of lasagna noodle.


Repeat the steps from spreading filling to spreading cheese for 3 times.


Once done, it's time to cook using SLOW cooker. Set to HIGH knob and cook for 1 hour. Then, set to AUTO knob and cook for another 3 hours.


.......After 3 hours



Well, a bit soggy but the taste is good... Not bad for first timer... =P