Thursday, November 26, 2009

Taiwan! Here WE COME!

Joel and I are very blessed to join my DH and his company to Taiwan for holiday tomorrow!!! This will be a 5 days 4 nights tour. I never been to Taiwan before and I’m looking forward to this trip, especially their glorious food!!

Well, for Joel this is his first time travelling on the plane! Both my husband and I have mixture of excitement and anxiety. We prayed that Joel will behave himself…. Most importantly, don’t fall SICK!!

So, now I’m gearing everything up. His winter jackets (a bit kiasu rite), socks, beanies, gloves, medications, his toys, biscuits, food and many many more… Hopefully I don’t miss anything.

Oh yea, I won’t be checking my email for the next 5 days. Apologize for any inconvenience cause… =P

Monday, November 16, 2009

Wedding Couple for SL & GL

Thousands apologies to this couple… I’ve delayed making their wedding couple for 2 weeks. But thank God they are already married… GL chanced upon my blogs after their wedding and it was a bit too late to get a pair for her wedding. However, both of them love the dolls so much that they still wanted me to make another pair for them to be displayed in their home.

So, I've managed to complete this pair last week and the dolls are on the way to their new home. I hope both SL and GL will like it.

Congratulation again to SL and GL.



Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gladiator Sandals from Aunt Betsy

In such a hot and sunny S’pore, Joel is usually bare-footed… So, decided to get this from Betsy… Cute rite!


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wedding Items for BB & CO

CO contacted me just one month before her wedding and she wanted quite a list of items. I was kind reluctant to take initially, however, after encouragement from Betsy, I’ve decided to take. NO REGRET! Moreover, I found great satisfaction after completing them!

Thank God, I have Knotty Bicsie to help me on the guys’ bow ties & brooch! I would say, this is the first time I’m collaborating with Knotty Bicsie on wedding items. There will be more collaborations in future… It’s true that I can’t possibly satisfy my buyers needs alone, with Knotty Bicsie, I’m sure I CAN! :)

CO wanted crowns for both of the dolls, she’s the princess and he’s the prince… Kinda cute! Then her wedding color theme is white & pink. My favorite colors…. =P I’m glad she likes them very much… Oh, I’ve given her a surprise! I’ve crocheted my ‘signature’ heart and sewn BB love C on it…




Next, 6 corsages for her sisters and 4 bow ties for her brothers. The bow ties are from Knotty Bicsie. Pretty cute!



Lastly, another surprise from me and Betsy… They are the bride’s corsage & groom’s brooch!!




I’ll like to wish both BB and CO, a blissful life ahead! And may God bless both of you with abundant joy and happiness….

Thanks for supporting and appreciating my works.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wedding Couple for Vic & Chr

This week is really a very very busy week for me! I have 3 pairs of wedding couples and 6 corsages to rush!! A bit crazy rite?? Been staying up late for the past few nights.  So far so good, I managed to finish 2 pairs and 6 corsages.Left last pair that due this coming Friday. Thank GOD I have a few good helpers to help me. A BIG THANKS to Betsy, Betsy’s mom and YL! Especially Betsy’s mom, she rushed 4 pairs of body for me… YL too, even though she’s on her holiday trip @ BKK, she never leave without her crochet needle and yarn… LOL!!!

Chr contacted me during July for a wedding couple, but that time I was very busy with Joel, I told her that I would get back to her when nearer to her wedding date which is this coming Thursday!

Her wedding theme is oriental vintage. I was excited and wanted to do her wedding couple because of her beautiful wedding gown! Of cos, I can’t do exactly the same but something similar. Her gown is a bit like ‘mermaid’ gown, which is tight on the top but flair at the bottom… Took me awhile to think how to sew the lace. Finally, this is the result… What do you think? Pretty rite!




I’m glad that Chr likes them a lot! To Vic and Chr, May God bless both of you with abundant Joy and Happiness…

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Wedding Couple for K & KO

SL wanted a pair of wedding couple for K & KO. According to SL, K is a very sweet lady with natural curl and she likes flowers very much. :) So, I’ve used lace full of flowers for the gown and add a curl at the side. As for KO, well, he wears specs. Besides that, she’ll like me to sew “6.12.09” on a heart. Wah, I used more than 3 hours just to do that!!! I never thought it could be that hard! Anyway, I’ve made it… =P

Congratulation to K & KO… May God bless both of you with abundant happiness & joy… :)




Sunday, November 1, 2009

Knotty Tea Party

Yesterday was Knotty Tea Party, it was very successful. Congrats, Betsy! Thanks for roping us in to be part of the family... :)

My wedding dolls were being show cased and the response was pretty good. Poor Han, she has to wait 'till the party over before she could collect her dolls... LOL!! =P


Michelle and I



The host herself, Betsy of Knotty Bicsie


Betsy's mom and sister


Suzanne of Periwinklesu and friends


Ellen, can see she's very very busy... LOL

Love all their stuffs... A group of gifted crafters. Well, I bought something from them too.



Bought this from Pewinklesu. It's a key chain.


Bought this from Ellen... Just love the OWL paper clip!!

Wedding Couple for Han

I've made this pair of wedding couple for Han... Han was my first crochet student. I taught her crochet @ Betsy's cozy home studio. That time, Betsy wanted me to become her instructor and Han was the first student to try out, unfortunately, with Joel I won't be able to help her.. :( Han's getting married soon and she'll like to have a pair of wedding dolls for her photoshoot....

Han wanted a pair of specs for the groom. So, I got Chuling from Ling glass to make this pair of specs... Very cute!! Took Ivy's idea to make the groom more 'out-standing', I've added a flower brooch for the groom. As for the bride, well, if you realize, I've crocheted a small curl. Idea came from my own wedding shot =P. What do you think?

Was rushing this pair last two days, not only for Han but also for Knotty Party - Handmade fair. Very tiring but feel the satisfaction after seeing the end result.