Thursday, August 20, 2009

60 pieces Coasters + 8 pieces of Tatting Doilies...

Cayden is turning 1 this Sunday!! So, mom Christie got me to make 60 pieces of coasters for her guests and 8 pieces of tatting doilies for her relatives. She has approached me more than a month ago, cos she knew that tatting is not easy... Thanks for her understanding. I would say, this is one of the biggest orders I have!

Thanks to her too, cos I have a chance to 'practice' my tatting, though I've wasted quite a lot of thread =P, it's still worth to try!



They are really lovely. I'm using variegated Floral thread that I bought from Jessica and Ellen. The size of the doily is around 9cm. I hope Christie's relatives will like them too..

Besides that, there are something for the guests... 60 pieces of crocheted coasters... I got Betsy to help me to crochet half of them, cos I knew I won't have enough time to complete all. Thanks to Betsy for her help.


I bought the yarn from Betsy. It's a Japanese cotton yarn. Dear Betsy is selling her yarns online and her pricing is very reasonable... *Tsk*Tsk*

To view her online yarn shop: Click HERE

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Singapore Toys, Games & Comic Convention 2009

Last Saturday we went to Singapore Toys, Games & Comic Convention 2009. Purpose of going was to visit my brother, Jin's booth. He and his friend rented a booth to sell their artwork. It was also our first time attending the convention and I was very surprised with the outcome! It was so interesting!

When I went in, immediately I saw Blythe Doll booth! My favorite doll... Sigh... My hub just refused to get one for me, cos he finds it very very very scary, especially the eyes... Anyway, I have one miniature Blythe Doll that I've bought during my trip to Japan 3 years ago.



My brother booth was located behind the Blythe Doll booth.. He, too, finds that Blythe looks scary!



This is my brother Jin,


And, this is his girlfriend, MayLing... Both of them are arty people.



Jin's work...


Others exhibitors...

Hmm... I bought something too... A doll that comes from Korea. Pretty cute. It is called Ddung...


Saturday, August 15, 2009

He DID it!!

This evening, my boy managed to push himself up to sit on his own! I was quite surprise. Managed to capture it on my camera.

IMG_4827 IMG_4828IMG_4829 IMG_4831IMG_4832

He is 6 months 2 weeks today.

Surprise Belated Birthday Gift from Usha!!

Yesterday afternoon, Ms Postlady knocked on my door so hard that I had a shock. She said my door bell is not working and worried that I couldn't hear her. It never does... =P Then, thankfully, she passed me the parcel... :)

I've received this special gift from my swap partner, Usha for my birthday.


I like the shawl very much... Usha called it a 'broomstick' shawl and pretty long too, I think at least 1 1/2 meter long. She sure has the patience to do it.. Thanks Usha for this lovely gift...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

ATC Parade @ Bishan National Library

This evening, we went to visit ATC* Parade @ Bishan National Library. It is organized by Moses, Pauseability.

*ATC - Artist Trading Card.

Pauseability organizes monthly ATC meeting every 2nd Thursday of the month with a theme @ Bishan National Library. You make your own ATC of a size of 2.5 inch by 3.5 inch and trade with someone else during this meeting. Find out more here.


This year ATC Parade, I'm impressed by all their handiworks!! Very creatively done. I've 'secretly' snapped shot a few to show (Oooopss... No Photography in the Library)


By Moses, the organizer.


By my good friend, Betsy from Knotty Bicsie 


By my friend from Shuttle And Needle (SNN) Group, Ellen. She is also a tatting guru!


This is by Joey and Kristine, Ellen's two wonderful daughters.


By Ee Wei, who is currently in Canada. She posted back the ATC to Moses... ;)


And some other nice works by local and overseas artist.

I'll be joining them on the next session. However, with Joel around I won't be able to attend. So, told Moses that I'll just post my ATC to him and he'll trade for me... =P

Saturday, August 1, 2009

New Experience

Joel is sick for the first time... He has running nose and cough... :( Thank God, no fever.

Last night, he didn't sleep well. Due to his nose block, he kept tossing and turning to find the right sleeping position. Then followed by coughing that cause by his mucous...He didn't make any noise or cry. He just quietly snuggled toward me and sucked his thumb for comfort. This is totally a new experience for me. I didn't know what to do. All I could do were patted his back and kept praying...

Then this morning, he vomited because he coughed too hard. And again, he didn't show any discomfort, but smiled at us when we cleaned him up... Total HEART-ACHE!

Thank God toward the end of the day, he was better. Despite his cough and runny nose, he still smiled & played a lot!

When my aunt told me what worries her most is when her son fall sick cos she'll be very stress, I thought she's over protective. But now I totally understand that feeling... All moms want their children to be healthy and happy.