Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Last two weeks, I've rented a toy for Joel... It was my first time and I think it's practical! I didn't know what Joel likes, cos he still very young to appreciate toys and infant toys are not cheap... One simple toy can costs more than S$50!! What if, he doesn't like to play, then it will be a waste... Then, storing the toys is also a challenge...

In S'pore, I've found 3 sites doing toy renting service. I've chosen From what I know, they have been around for quite sometime and they have varieties of good toys... Besides that, their pricing is pretty reasonable too.

For a start, I've rented this educational toy: Little Tikes 5-in-1 Adjustable Gym.


There are hanging toys and a motion activated "kick pad".



Joel loves to kick cos there are sound and lights. But after awhile, he'll get bored and he'll kick the whole toy away...

Renting it @ S$22.80 per month. Pretty reasonable, right?

Tatted Doily

Gosh! The drilling & hacking sounds are driving me NUTS!!! The whole block is participating in this upgrading program. Upgrading program includes: lift upgrading, replacing toilet and kitchen piping and installing new clothes hanging rack...

The noise has affected me greatly but I have no choice but bear with it... Thank God Joel is fine with the noise. He still can sleep through the noise!!

What I've been doing for the past week? Well, despite the noise, I've completed a few stuffs... Mainly helping Betsy on an order and making something for my dear brother. Will blog about them soon. Stay tune!

This is a tatted doily that I've made during my confinement... Suppose to give to someone but I was too late... :( Will have to post over then...



I love the color very very much. It's Flora thread that I've bought from Jessica.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Spring in Singapore

Made these beautiful brooches for sales @ MAAD over the weekends. You can find out more information by clicking on this link...

I've made them in green, yellow. pink & blue. Perfect for your blouses, bags, hair bands, hats/beanies, scarves and etc...



I'm selling one piece @ S$8.00. Buy any 3 @ S$20. They can be found @ Knotty Bicsie's store. However, I won't be there because I have to take care of Joel. Betsy, thanks for helping me.

Angelic Doll for Steph

Steph wants an angelic doll... She wants her angel in white and dusty pink dress... So, I've made her an angel with white and dusty pink dress & dusty pink wings with halo of paper flowers. Hope she'll like it.