Friday, March 27, 2009

New Year Exchange #2

Needle & Shuttle (NnS) has organized a swap during new year. I was excited cos my partner is Faizon! She is our tatting guru! Visit her site and you'll be impressed by her tatting works.

This round of exchange, we'll have to make a string pouch. I've made a simple crochet cum fabric pouch for Faizon. I've also bought her some button makers, hopefully she can used it for her new projects. Actually I've tatted a small zip pouch, but I didn't send cos it wasn't nicely done... I promise to make her another one next time when my tatting is better.


Managed to send it out before my delivery.

Last few weeks, I've received these from Faizon!



GOSH!!! Beautiful tatted pouch and a tatted mat... Besides that, a pair of tatting ear rings! And other stashes like needle holder, button and eyes! Loving all!!! Thanks Faizon. This is really a great exchange.

2 months later.....

It has been a month since I've blogged. What happened?? Some of my friends wrote to me asked me what's going on cos they have not been seeing me online for awhile...

I was busy coping with Joel. Since my confinement lady left, I was left alone with Joel during day time. Initially was indeed tough, I suffered from slight depression. I cried with no reason and felt so hopeless & lonely. =( Due to stress, anxiety and lack of sleep, I fall sick. I had bad gastric and severe asthma attack... :( Was on medication for 3 weeks, hence I had to stop breastfeeding Joel. Thank God, I had recovered and today I've started breastfeeding Joel. Scary huh! On positive side, I've learnt a lot from this experience. All I know, being a mom is not easy at all! There's a saying, Mother is the GREATEST, that's really true!

During this time, thank God for few of my good friends, who came over to visit me and once awhile called up to check on me. I'm grateful for my husband too. He is very supportive and understanding. Despite his busy schedule at work, he would try his best to come back early to help me and he was on night shift for the past 3 weeks taking care of Joel!  Father is also the greatest!

Joel is growing very well.... Now he is weighed at 5.5kg! He was only 2.8kg at birth!


I'll be starting a new blog on my experience bringing up Joel as a 'full-time' mom soon... Hopefully, it will help some of new mummies out there... ;)