Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wedding Couple for Cheryl

Cheryl’s wedding is today! Congrats, Cheryl… ;) May God bless you and your husband with abundant LOVES, PEACE and JOY…

Her wedding couple is very similar to SH’s… Tiara and flowers… However, I’ve made her a halter neck wedding gown…




23rd of Jan – Auspicious Day

These were the two wedding couples for two lovely newly-weds who were married on 23rd of Jan 2010. Seems like 23rd of Jan was an auspicious day to get married….

Wedding couple for JacKh

The bride doll was wearing bling bling hair-band… As for the groom, she wanted him to hold a basketball… Hmm, guess the groom loves to play basketball… The wedding theme was gold in color…



“Hey Jullie, I saw the dolls. Very very nice! Thank you so much!…. Can’t stop looking at them…

SMS from JacKh

Wedding Couple for JS & SH

Their ROM (Registration of Marriage) was held on 23rd of Jan 2010 too… Their ROM’s theme was blue. SH loves to have tiara and flowers. So, I’ve decided to sew the bum at the lower left side of the hair and add little flowers there… She loves it very much…



Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Joel’s 1st Birthday Party

Last Saturday, 23rd of Jan, we celebrated Joel’s 1st Birthday at Goldkist Beach Resort, East Coast Park. We had invited our very close relatives and friends. My parents came all day from my hometown, Sarawak to attend this party. Coincidently my aunt and her family were here too. It has been awhile since we had such a gathering and was really fun!!


Thanks to May Ling and Jin for decorating the place for us. Honestly, the chalet was quite old and ‘run-down’ and both my DH and I were very very disappointed with the condition. But after decorating, the whole place looked quite nice… ;) But still, we are disappointed… :( It’s not worth the money we’ve paid…

Before the party, Joel went for a swim! It was his first swim.

Rei has made this wonderful cake for Joel… ;) It was yam cake and super delicious… If you look carefully, the bear is in 3D! I’m sure Rei had spend quite sometimes to ‘draw’ and ‘color’ this bear!


We were so reluctant to cut the cake. Anyway, we finished everything!! ;)

More shots on my Flickr album.



Family Portrait


My family members


My parents and my parents in law


My in laws


Cake cutting


Friends and relatives that we’ve invited…

On the actual day, which is 25th of Jan, I’ve cooked Joel mee sua… Since we’re kids, we would had a bowl of mee sua on our birthday… Mee sua symbolizes longevity. I’ve cooked mee sua with a chunk of meat, carrots and potatoes. Joel loves it!


Monday, January 25, 2010

Joel's First Swim

Joel’s first swim was with 3 pretty girls!! Envy!!

This little boy was not afraid at all. He kept splashing the water using his hands.. He was really have fun…. ;) Thanks to Uncle Bryan for this cute swimsuit…

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Crochet Lesson @ SCGS

Last Tuesday, I was very honored to assist Betsy to teach crochet @ SCGS (Singapore Chinese Girl School). I put Joel at my MIL’s place for 4 hours. Thank God this little rascal behaved himself and my MIL said she let him sat on the high chair for more than an hour while she’s preparing dinner, which I was very surprise cos at home, he’ll wail if I let him sit too long. To him, sitting on high chair means, ‘mum, mum’  (eating) time…. =P

Back to SCGS crochet class…

I was quite excited when Betsy asked me to assist her.  The class was quite big, around 23 students. Before the lesson, Betsy gave some explanation. This is the first time, I saw Betsy taught. She is  good & her explanation was very clear! Good mean strict too. When she’s teaching, no one supposed to do anything but listened… Hehehehe…. Wah, like back to school….

Betsy's lesson

The students were split into 3 groups. There’re 3 of us: Betsy, her mom and myself. Each of us took one group.

The students were asked to make this free-form crochet piece. At the end of the day, they were required to join all their workpiece together to make into a huge art piece…


During the lesson….


It was really a good experience for me…. Tiring but great satisfaction!


Conclusion: teaching crochet is never easy. For newbies, their problems always lie on the way they hold their workpiece and the way they control the stitch tension. However this group of girls is quite smart, and they can pick up very fast….

Friday, January 15, 2010

Wedding Dolls for Jac

23rd of Jan is a good DATE! I’m making 3 pairs of wedding dolls for 3 lovely brides-to-be who will be getting married on this date. This is one of the pairs… Joel will be celebrating his 1st birthday on the same day too. ;)

Apologize to Jac, I promised to give to her before Christmas but delayed until now… I’m glad she loves her wedding dolls.

Congrats to Jac and L. May God bless them with abundant love, peace and joy.



Wedding Dolls and Wedding Corsages for PJ

PJ has asked me to make a pair of wedding dolls and corsages for her wedding. She sent me a wedding photo she took at Taiwan. I LOVE her hairstyle very much.

Took me 1 1/2 hours to do the bride’s hair… YL said she looks different from the other wedding dolls. Glad PJ loves it too…

Congrats to both PJ and her husband. May God bless you with abundant happiness & joy.




Wedding Dolls for KB and Stella

This pair is the 3rd pair of wedding dolls Stella has asked me to make. And this pair is for herself! The first 2 pairs were given as gifts to her friends. She loves tiara, so her own bride doll has a tiara too.

I’m glad she loves her own wedding dolls. Congrats to this lovely couple. May God bless them abundantly… :)




“Hi Jullie, thank you for the dolls. IT is with me now. It is so pink and pretty :) My mum n aunt think it looks like me. Hehehehe. Thanks.”

SMS sent by Stella

Wedding Dolls for Ave

Ave has specially requested to have lace on her head and also her groom in pink. He is holding a 红花球 (Red Flower Ball).



Wedding Dolls for Belinda

I’ve been very busy lately. Busy managing the house and my baby…. LOL!! I’ve started cooking lately as my scent of smell has returned… YIPEE!! I love to cook and has been trying out new dishes. Poor DH, he is my guinea pig. So far so good, I didn’t fail him… :)

Back to the wedding dolls… I was also busy rushing dolls. 3 more pairs to go for this month. This pair is for Belinda’s friend. Belinda had asked me to make this pair 6 months ago!!



Thank God both of them love the dolls very much….

“Hey Jul, my fren loves the dolls! She says u have superb workmanship and must have put in ur heart and soul when u were making them. :) I agree with her tat u have a pair of magical hands mainz! The dolls r really lovely when I looked at them upclose. The long wait was worth it. Hahaha! Thanx Thanx”

Copied from SMS send by Belinda.

Her message has made my day!