Friday, May 14, 2010

Wedding Couple for Qin

Qin is another bride who asked me to make her wedding dolls for photo shoot… Her fiancé and her will be flying to Taiwan for their photo shoot next week.

This pair of wedding couple is also different from my usual pairs…

1stly, Qin’s wedding theme is lilac in color and she wanted her gown in lilac too… Besides white/ivory gowns, I never make colored' gown. Hence this is my first time trying something different. I love the turn out… Something special and unique…. :)

2ndly, Qin’s fiancé doesn’t want any bow tie or tie on his doll… Just put on a black vest. Honestly, I find it a bit plain, but Qin said that’s what he’ll prefer… :) 



“Thanks Jul… The dolls are really lovely….” Sms from Qin

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Blessed Mother’s Day

To all mothers, I’ll like to wish you a Happy Blessed Mother’s Day….

Being a full-time SAHM for more than one year, I started to realize, it’s not an easy job at all! It’s not 5 days or 5 1/2 days work, it’s 24 hours 7 days work!!! No leave, no public holiday, no mc to claim, but sometimes, some time off to take… LOL!!! Even If I would have to go back to work, the responsibility of a mother to cater for Joel is still there. Just like what these quotes say below:

A man's work is from sun to sun, but a mother's work is never done.

- Unknown 

When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child.

- Rajneesh

With this, I also appreciate my mother and mother in law and respect them more and more.

However, seeing Joel’s growth everyday is my greatest satisfaction. It’s irreplaceable and priceless. I’m still praying everyday to my Abba Father for granting me wisdom, strength and patience to take care of Joel and my family. I’m grateful that I have a good husband and a lenient ‘boss’, he is always there for me when I’m about to be driven nut by this little monster and approving my ‘time off’ almost all the time… Hehehehe….


Friday, May 7, 2010

Wedding Couple for Bernice’s Photo Shoot

This is the 2nd pair of wedding dolls I’ve made for photo shoot.

Bernice is the first bride that requested a plain wedding gown with blings… Besides that, she wanted black sash. I was quite surprised when she said she doesn’t want lacy gown. Most of the brides were attracted to the nice laces I used. But for Ber, she prefers something plain.

I’ve spend quite sometimes on her set. I redo the gown twice in order to get a nicer effect. Besides that, I’ve added quite a lot of Swarovski crystals on her gown. Her color theme is black and red. Instead of traditional white, nowadays, black has became one of the favorite among bridals.

After completing the dolls, I was very satisfied with the result.




Can’t wait to see her actual wedding shoot with the dolls…. :)

Wedding Couple for Ade’s Wedding Photo shoot

This week, I’ve rushed two sets of wedding dolls for wedding’s photo shoot. One of them were for Ade.

Their actual wedding is on 10.10.10… It’s one of the HOT dates of the year.

Ade’s color theme is baby blue and white… She requested to add hair-band using string of pearls and ribbons… She also requested to have bustier gown…




“So sweet!” Ade commented when I met her to pass the dolls to her… I’m glad she likes them…

Wedding Couple for Aaron & Jas

My colleague and also a very good friend got married last weekends… Aaron and I work as partner for the past 5 years, or more… I’ve lost count. We’ve known each other at least 10 years, when he was still a student attached to my company. He knew his wife during then too… LOL… After serving his national service, he joined me again in another company ‘till now… :)

Finally this couple got married as they have been dating for quite sometimes too  *tsk*tsk*…. I’ve been waiting for this day for very long and promised to make a pair wedding couple as their wedding gift.

This pair of wedding couple is a bit different from the others that I’ve made.


Do you spot the different? Yes.. The groom has ears… Aaron wears earring. He wanted me to add this earring on the doll to signify him and emphasized that it’s on the LEFT side…. LOL….


By adding ears, the doll does look cute and different… Don’t you think so?


Both of them love their dolls very much. That night, this pair of dolls were exhibited on the reception’s table. It was the first time, seeing the dolls I’ve made exhibited in the wedding… Erhem… A bit proud… LOL….

Dear Aaron and Jas,

May God bless you abundantly and I’m looking forward to good news as Aaron said he’ll take action ASAP!

Wedding Couple for Martin & Widi

I’ve been very busy lately… Not only rushing for orders, I also took up a short course to enrich my knowledge… :) This course will help me in my new venture in future… Not many people know cos I only share with the closer ones. It’s interesting and challenging, will be sharing more in one of blogs soon.

Martin is a very sweet guy… He was very worried that I couldn’t do the wedding couple for him. He dropped me emails and message to check whether I could help me. Seeing his sincerity, despite the short lead-time, I took up his order… :)

He send me a photo of his wife with her face blurred… I laughed when I saw the photo…=P Dear friends, next time, no need to blur the face, your photos are safe with me…. hehehehe….



The bridal doll was made almost the same as the photo send by Martin… I’m glad Widi loves the dolls…

“Hi, Jullie, I love the dolls! They are very beautiful. Thank you :)”

Sms send by Widi