Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wedding Couple for Amy

This is the first wedding couple that I did with the bride let down her hair. Amy wanted it that way…. So, I thought of trying it out… Both Amy and I like it very much. What do you think?

I was kinda crazy too… I actually stitched beads into flowers on the lace… =P That’s why, there’s delay in delivery, but Thank God still make it for her wedding…. :) 

Besides that, I’ve made 4 corsages for her sisters. Her wedding theme is white and pink… So everything pink pink… ;)

Lastly, congratulation to Amy and her future husband, J… May God bless both of your abundantly…. :)






Yee said...

Like the hair very much!! \^o^/

Jullie Teo said...

Hehehehe... Me too... =P

Scribbler said...

Hi Jullie, I've been wanting to contact you. My cousin is getting married and I thought your wedding couple dolls could be the a great gift idea. Could you tell me how to order one from you? Thanks a lot.

Jullie Teo said...

Hi there,

Drop me an email @ We'll discuss the details.... :)

Amy said...

Hi Jullie,

Thanks once again for the pretty dolls!! Both of us love them tons :)


Jullie Teo said...

Hi Amy,

Thanks... :) Congrats again!!

Cheers, Jul