Friday, December 25, 2009

Joel 11th month!!

Wah, my boy has turned 11th month today!!! One more month and he’ll be ONE YEAR OLD! Time really flies…. As if like yesterday I gave birth to him.

For the past two weeks, I was very busy and exhausted…. :( I have quite a few orders to rush. I really want to apologize to some of you for rejecting your orders, but thank God, you guys are really sweet and really understanding… :)

Besides rushing orders, Joel was sick last week! He had fever for the FIRST TIME! One middle of the nights, Joel was very warm, his body was burning… My hub thought it’s the weather, so we turned on aircon. But after an hour, he was still burning. The thermometer failed to work at that time! Temp showed 34.5 deg. Both my husband and I were clueless of what to do. So, the next day, we brought him to see PD. PD said just a normal virus attack, but if the fever still very high on the 4th day, we had to bring him back. I kept praying and breastfeeding him, cos breastmilk contains elements that can help to fight virus. That few nights, my hub and I couldn’t sleep well, cos Joel was very very cranky and kept crying…. :(

That’s why I’m so tired and exhausted. But thank God, Joel is well now… :) We didn’t bring him back to see the PD.


Well, his progress…

Joe can recognize quite a few vocabs: clap, jump, kiss mama, bye, mama, papa, light, porridge, bread, splash, ‘neh neh’ (milk), and etc…. When we said, “Joe, clap clap” He’ll clap his hand. He can call mamamama, papapapapa and mum mum (wanna eat something)

Then now, he is learning to walk. He is able to walk quite a few steps by holding on something and his walkers.


But something that worry me most is his diet… He seems to lost interest in taking porridge… :( Last time he could take one big bowl of porridge. But now, not even half… We suspect due to tasting table food, that’s why he lost interest in his own food. Sigh… It’s all our fault!

Oh yea, he has 4 teeth: two on top and two at the bottom. :) Very cute! He likes to bite. He will giggle very loudly when we screamed after bitten by him. Notti Notti boy!!

He is really our bundle of joy. His smiles really melt our hearts.



chocolatelover said...

Cayden dont like to take porridge at all. He only took cereals. So we still continue to let him have his milk as usual but add on with other normal food. He likes bread and baby biscuits from Gerbers. Cayden is just of his normal percentile for the same age group. If Joel dont want have porridge, let him have other stuff. Maybe he just tired of it.

Not bad for joel. So fast can speak mama n papa and mum mum.

Cayden sumtimes will say mama n "mum mum" but not easy to hear from him cos he will only say it when he feels like it. Luckily he knows how to do all stuff we ask him to do such as dancing, byebye, Pan-kiss etc. if not i think i will be worried sick.

Knotty Bicsie said...

Gal Friend, your liottle prince's smile melts both ed & my hearts too! ;) Really glad he's fine now 7 looking forward to seeing u both later! ;)

Jullie Teo said...

Hi Christie,

Don't worry about Cayden being slow in picking up things.. Generally, boys are slower than gers. I know some friends' sons started to talk after 2!!

Hi Aunt Betsy,

Looking forward to seeing you later too...