Sunday, December 27, 2009

Joel’s 1st Christmas

This year was quite quiet… Usually we would be celebrating with my parents and brothers. However, this year, they were not here. Kinda miss those moments with them around during this season…

On Christmas Eve, Hub suggested that I cooked. He didn’t feel like dining out. So, I’ve prepared a very simple meal: Spaghettis (my forte), fish fillet, salads, vegetable tempura and clam chowder soup. That’s what we had for Christmas Eve…

Hub still went back to site to do some supervision on the morning of Christmas day. Came back during lunch and brought us out for a walk. Took me by surprise, he bought me a camera… :) I was so excited!!

The party started on BOXING DAY!! In the afternoon, Joel and I went to Betsy’s place for KBCC Christmas Pot-luck Party…. :) Then Joel was showered with a BIG BAG of gifts!! Thanks to Aunt Betsy, Uncle Edward, Aunt Ayako and Cindy Jie Jie…. :)


After that, we went for our 2nd party @ my cousin’s place with my brother, Jin and his girlfriend, MayLing… Dear Hub was working whole day and he joined us later. It was fun!


Mayling & Jin


My Hub and I


Joel, Tong Tong and my cousin Ing

This little rascal received a lot of gifts from my cousins and their friends…. My brother was so envy and how he’ll never grow up!! *LOL*



Our Childhood Memory….

On the way sending my brother back, we were chatting about our younger days… When we were very young, we wrote our wish list to Santa Claus every year (Well, that’s our dad but during that time, we did believe we were writing to ‘real’ Santa Claus). After writing our wish list, we would attention our letters to SANTA CLAUS with NO ADDRESS  and put it inside the letterbox. My mom told us that the little elf would pick up our letters middle of the night. So, the next day, we actually went to check and the letter was gone! So, we believed that the elf had pick up our letters. So NAIVE!!!  My mom said we were not suppose to wait or peep, otherwise Santa would not appear. So, we went to sleep very early. After we went to bed, our dear ‘SANTA CLAUS’ would sneakily put our presents underneath the Christmas Tree.. It was fun and Christmas is always our favorite season of the year!!

I’m still pondering whether should I continue this trend on Joel. During then, we were asking for stuffs like books, dolls, pencil case, stationery, bags and etc… Not something fanciful or expensive. But I’m very sure, Joel won’t be asking things like this anymore, he probably will be listing a long wish list or asking for expensive toys like WII, PSP and etc… Well, we shall see then…. :)

But I really miss our childhood time… We were so naive… LOL!!!

Once again, wishing everyone a Merry Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year 2010…. :)


Knotty Bicsie said...

What your parents did were real sweet! Of course u should continue this tradition! Hmm... maybe we can all do this! ;)

Jullie Teo said...

YEA!! Yours and mine.. hehehehe

Chee Meng said...

Hi Ting,
I remember Jin told me bout it.. its so sweet, during that time i really went back n told my mom. She told me, its ur dad.. in the end, i didnt try it.
I still remember the time when we spent time together... miss it so much...
Ah Ming (xiao ming) ur neighbour

Jullie Teo said...

Hi Ming,

Oh is it??? LOL!!! Yea, it was fun... Maybe you can do it with your kids in future... When is your turn huh?