Wednesday, December 23, 2009

10 Personalized Dolls for Christine

Christine wanted me to make 10 dolls for her friends that help out during her wedding as token of appreciation.. I was pretty stretch when I confirmed her order, so I got Betsy to help me on the guys… Thanks, my friend, for helping out…


Little angel for Charmain, she’s a God Loving person. Besides that she has curl ‘till shoulder.


This is Jolene, she is a cheerful person and Christine asked me to add a hair band for her…


This is Susan… Well, Christine said she loves to bake and eat. So I’ve made a chef hat for her…


This is Xueting… Christine said she always wear dark colors clothings. Took me awhile to think what I should made. So, I’ve decided to make a dress with a cape over it.


This is my FAVORITE! She is Deng li… Christine told me she has tan skin and wears specs. At first, I didn’t know how the turn out would be while crocheting the body parts. But after assembling, the doll really looks cute! I hope Dengli will like her…


Jing Jing and Eugene… They are getting married on Christmas day! Congrats. Eugene is made by Betsy.


This is CF, who likes to smoke… Made by Betsy, Knotty Bicsie


CY, who is serious type and Christine wanted him to hold a steering wheel… :) Made by Betsy, Knotty Bicsie


Lastly, Song, who loves soccer…. Made by Betsy, Knotty Bicsie

I hope Christine’s friends will love all these dolls…. :) Merry Merry Blessed Christmas….


christineonglc said...

haha! i ve passed Susan's and Dengli's dolls to them le... AND they luv it a lot!

Dengli said it is so her lor.. lol.. and she suspected tat we sent u her photo... lol..

Knotty Bicsie said...

It's my pleasure, my dear friend! So glad we pulled through again! :)

Jullie Teo said...

Hi Christine,

IS IT?? I'm sure Dengli like it, cos I like it too... Hahahahaha

Thanks for your support...

Merry Blessed Christmas to you...

christineonglc said...

Jullie & Betsy!!

I have finally passed all the dolls to their owners! All said that it's very nice!

Once again, thx for ur effort and time!