Friday, December 31, 2010

New hairstyles for lovely brides….

I’ve been making quite a few nice hairstyles for the brides… These are two of them….

Wedding Couple for WT

WT was referred to me by Betsy. She wanted a pair of wedding dolls for her own wedding and pre-wedding photo shoot. She has a special request… She send me a photos of this lady:

bride's hairstyle

She wanted her hairstyle to be like this. Very pretty!! Took me awhile to figure out how to assemble the curls. I’m quite satisfied with the outcome…. hehehehe

“Hi jul, thanks for the wedding dolls. They r really adorable and sweet! Will use them to personalize my ROM and wedding dinner reception table :)”

Sms from WT




Wedding Couple for XY

XY bought this pair for her very good friend. Her friend has short hair. Initially I was like, errrrr….. How should I decorate the hair? I can’t add bum or curls on short hair rite?

Finally, I “braided” one side of the hair and put crown.

XY told me the bride doll looks like her friend very much! I’m glad…




photo 2 

Photo from XY…

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