Friday, December 31, 2010

December’s Wedding Bells….

December is always a busy month! But December is also my favorite month… It’s the month of Giving, Love and Joy…. =D

I’ve rushed quite a few set of wedding couples. Thanks to my dear dear friends who came over to help me during this period… Really appreciate your help, without you, I don’t think I could deliver my orders on time….

Wedding Couple for Celin

Celin was nervous before she received her dolls… It’s very common among the brides cos they didn’t get to see the real product until they received it and usually quite last minute. LOL!!! Thank God, I never disappoint them. Celin loves her dolls very much…



Wedding Couple for Josephine

I didn’t get to deliver this pair on my own cos I was very busy rushing other dolls. Hence, I didn’t have a chance to see Josephine’s expression… However, received these sweet messages from her after that:

“Thank u. The dolls r gorgeous! My friends r overwhelmed by the dolls…”

Josephine also ordered corsages and one personalized doll for her good friend. Blog about this later….



Wedding Couple for Danny and HC

I’ve made this pair of dolls as a gift for my cousin and his wife. They are one of the loveliest couple I ever met. :) I wish both of them happiness….



Wedding Couple for Joyce

This is the 2nd time Joyce bought wedding dolls from me. However, it’s not for her… It’s for her good friend… =D It was a very last minute order. I’m glad the turn-out was very nice.

“My fren luv the dolls… :).. Btw, I’ll probably need u to do up a pair of dolls for my bestest friend who is getting married next year, 2 Oct (again, not for herself… *tsk*tsk*). Will let u know the details once she confirm... Btw, when will you be available to do up a set of my family doll? (arh… this is for herself) .”

Sms from Joyce



Wedding Couple for Vera

Cousin Ing’s very good friend, Vera tied her knot on 26th of Dec. I’m really happy for her… She’s a very sweet and trendy lady. I didn’t get to take a nice photo of this pair because I was rushing to attend a Christmas party.

“Vera likes the doll so much, she says the groom looks like her husband so much.”

Sms from Cousin Ing