Friday, December 31, 2010

Just for Hazel….

Another major project that I’ve done. :) This is for Hazel, a very tall and stunning lady. She’s one of those who really appreciates handmade stuffs.

“I LOVE THEM TO THE MAZ!! it’s so alike to my pre-wedding photos which I showed u!! My husnamd loves them too!! Wow, that’s so much effort!! Thanks dear, they’re really lovely!!”.. N also, I’m glad my bridesmaid love their dolls as well ;)

Sms from Hazel



Then 7 corsages for her sisters. I was very very sorry for these corsages cos I got the color wrong… =( The roses were supposed to be in champagne color but I made them in white…. =( I feel so bad….


Following are small dolls for her brothers and sisters:


I love this the most! This is the first time making a set of family dolls… Thanks for the opportunity.




I love playing with crochet stitches and colors. If you notice, I’ve used a few patterns on the small dresses.

1 comment:

Hazel said...

Hey Jul, no worries about the corsages! They're still fab, really ;) esp with that feather on, cute!
Thanks dear.. for everything!!