Friday, May 22, 2009

My crocheted dolls...

I'll like to apologize to those who wanted to see listing of dolls that I'm selling. I don't really have any ready made dolls. I made upon request. But following can be your guideline. ;)

It's better to contact me and at least 1 or 2 months in advance.

From beginning, I never like to make repeated dolls. I like to accessorized them and make them different. If you observed carefully, all my wedding couple dolls are different.


The foundation of the dolls is straightforward. It involves sphere, cylinder, square and cone shapes. So, it's up to me how to assemble them and accessorize them. With different outcome, it always gives people the 'WOW' effect and this motivates me to continue making...

I won't claim that my designs are original because most of these dolls are inspired by my buyers!! They requested and I made them. ;)

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Beauty Desire!!!! said...

Hi there, i come across ivy profile in fb and saw her holdin ur dolls!!! She bring to HK for her shoots. I search on line aand finally found u! and the post u blog abt Ivy too.. Me also goin to hk too soon next yr. So actually i tot of getting somethin for my HTB first for his bdae in dec this yr. How do i go about askin u to help to do a couple dolls? Hope to hear from u. u can email me directly. thanks!