Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy Birthday, Usha... :)

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY USHA!!" Belated birthday greeting to Usha.

She is my swap partner for Birthday Swap that organized by Faizon from Shuttles and Needles group (SnN). But her birthday was in the month of March. Well, month of March and April, I was very busy coping with my new life. =P Fortunately, Usha is very understanding and had given me ample of time to prepare her gift. ;)


Usha told me she would like to have big size crochet needle that able to crochet 3/4 strings of 4 ply acrylic yarns. So I got her 3 big size crochet needles and she likes them!

Besides that, I also given her my new version of crocheted doll. Well, will blog about it soon. Then, 2 packs of button maker and also 1 pack of heart shape button since she also collects buttons.

Usha seems to like flowers, so I've also included some paper flowers that I got from Bangkok

And of cos, YARNS.... Hope she likes all of them.


Packed in a box and I've posted it FINALLY! But also with the help from Betsy. Hehehehe =P

With Joel around, I'm not able to move around freely or do whatever I want like before :( Thanks to a bunch of good friends who are always there to encourage and help me.

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