Friday, May 22, 2009

10 Customized Dolls for Ivy

Ivy has bought a pair of wedding dolls from me couple of month ago. She brought them for her wedding shoot in Hong Kong! Wah, I've not been to Hong Kong before but my dolls did! Not bad!


Photo contributed by Ivy (with the blurry couple)

Their big day is coming soon. During month of March, she contacted me and wanted me to make 10 dolls for her sisters (姐妹). All her dolls had to be different. It was a challenge then, cos I was doing my confinement and not sure would be able to deliver. Thank God her big day falls in month of June and she needed them by end of May. THANK GOD! That's mean I have 2 months to complete them.

I had no clue what to do, so I asked for her all her sisters' profiles. To make my life easier, she asked me to make 5 angel dolls with different colors and another 5 customized according to her sisters character & favorite colors.

For these set of dolls, I'm using plastic eyes. My brother was the one who suggested that I should put eyes. Since he is the arty person, I should just listen to him. ;) The outcomes are AWESOME!

Doll 1: She's married. Has a bubbly & chatty personality. Also loves beaded stuff. Well, Ivy said she like to act cute. =P


I've made a doll with a bum at a centre and tie the bum with crocheted flowers. She looks mature but at the same time, cute.

Doll 2: She loves purple. Very artistic person and always tied her hair. She loves nature.


So, I've made a doll with side bum and wears a lilac dress with small flower.

Doll 3: She is romantic and likes to dream. Her favorite colors are pink and blue.


Hmm.... Dreamy, so I've decorated this doll with lots of flowers.

Doll 4: She's a teacher and has short hair. Her favorite colors are darker colors, like black, gray and dark red. Ivy said, she doesn't like cute stuffs...

Making this doll was a challenge because I don't really like to use dull colors to make my dolls. It took me awhile to think of what I should do. Well, the outcome is pretty cool! My brother likes it a lot.



I've made a red & black dress for the doll & crocheted a cardigan for her.

Doll 5: She's love pink! She loves to bake...

When I read her profile, straight away I knew what I wanted to make. A doll with a chef hat! Ivy loves her the most. Cute right?


Lastly, 5 angel dolls... Loving all of them.

I've made crown for them instead of usual halo. Besides that, all of them hold a heart.




I'm glad that Ivy LOVES them all!!! Her mom even asked whether any of these was for her. She plans to keep one of the angel dolls, but now, seems like she needs to give it away, to her mom.


Simply Humming... said...



kabluey said...

Aiyoh so cute! :)

Jullie Teo said...

Thanks gers... :)

tintocktap said...

Your dolls are all so beautiful!

Knotty Bicsie said...

KAWAIII!!!! :)

Ivy said...

Hi Jul, here I am.. seeing ur blog entry :) Haha.. I managed to tell my mum "nono.. I need to keep one angel doll.. none for you sadly.. hee". How I wish all 10 dolls belong to me !!!

Shall update you on my "sisters" happy moments very soon ! Now I have to see what to get for the "brothers".. hee..

l780717 said...

i like all of THEM too... :) you give me the idea to make for my god sister who wanna marry soon on this coming jan 2010..:P hahha.. still a long time to go...

Jullie Teo said...

Hi Ivy,

Wah, I'm sure your mom will be disappointed.
Er, gifts for brothers are usually very challenging... Last time I didn't give them at all besides ang pao.. =P

Hi Jin,
Not long la... You can start prepare liao... Oh yea, do you have the Amigurumi pattern books series 5, I think? My dolls are similar to this Russian doll Jewelry design but I've modified the pattern...

Anonymous said...

wow..absolutely cute and pretty! =)
would like to know how much u charge per doll?


Jullie Teo said...

Hi Steph,

Perhaps you'll like to drop me an email @

Cheers, Jul

chocolatelover said...

Wow!!! Beautiful!!! I like them all!!!

Maybe you can make another one for Ivy to give to her mum!!! tailor made to her mum!!!

Jullie Teo said...

Thanks Christie... :)

Ivy said...

Ivy's mum hard to make one for her... "not cute" anymore.. haha. As for the brothers, bought them a tiny wine bottle to "appreciate' =P

Ivy said...

Hi Jul,

Oh dear, it will be hard to make smthing for my mum if need to.. "not cute le".. haha.. Evil me. Maybe a Queen with a crown !!!

Oh yes, managed to get small wine bottles for the brothers gang to "appreciate".

Jullie Teo said...

Hi Ivy,

That's a good idea, small wine bottles for the brothers! ;)

Heather said...

They are all so beautiful! You are so creative, I enjoy looking at all of your different designs. So pretty!!! P.S. - Congrats on your son's progress so far. I have 8 month old and she is being so much fun!!

Jullie Teo said...

Hi, Thanks... Your daughter is so cute! ;)