Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy 4 months old, Joel

Joel is 4 months old today. :) Specially for Joel, mommy and daddy are very proud to have you. You are God's best gift for both of us.


Joel's progress:

  • Coos a lot! Hmm... Does this means, he will be talkative when he grows up?
  • Recognize his mommy and daddy, he will smile whenever he hears our voices
  • Love nursery rhymes, especially Humpty Dumpty
  • Smiles a lot
  • Drools a lot
  • Licks and sucks his fingers and knuckles whenever  he's free or he's hungry
  • Love mommy's milk!
  • Colorful lightings attract him
  • Able to lift up both his legs
  • Likes to play with his fingers
  • When lying on his tummy, he will be able to lift up his buttock
  • And now, he is able to turn to one side. Shows that he's going to turn his body

I think that's about all...



Yee said...

Lovely photo... ^^

singtatter said...

Handsome baby; make me miss the days when mine are smaller.

4 months already! You should start planning on his diet real soon :)

Jullie Teo said...

Hi Ellen,

Time FLIES!!! As if yesterday I knew I was pregnant... =O
I plan to start solid when he's around 10 months old. Wat do you think?

l780717 said...

happy family!!! muaks... muaks..

chocolatelover said...

Actually, you can start giving cereals/mashed fruits/very fine porridge when he is 6 months..

I start rice cereal(Heinz brand) mixed into his milk when Cayden is 4 months old, then cereal/porridge as one of the meal when he is 6 months old..but he dont really like porridge cos no taste.. LOL

Cayden is 9 months old now, i am feeding him rice in small qty. The purpose is to make him chew

Jullie Teo said...

Hi Christie,

Yup... Planning to start solid when he is 6 months old...

Wow!! Time flies... Cayden is coming to 9 months... Teething?

chocolatelover said...

Yes!! he already have his 2 lower teeths and the two upper teeth is showing too.. When he start teething.. he put almost everything except edible food into his mouth!!!

Maybe one of these days we shall meet up. (You, me and Betsy)I am going to use my balance maternity in Aug 09.. Maybe we can meet up then.