Monday, November 24, 2008

Tatters Gathering DAY!

We had a tatters gathering last Saturday. It has been awhile since I've met my fellow tatters. The last gathering was at Ellen's place.. This time, we decided to meet at Toa Payoh's Sizzler.

Actually there were 6 of us. But Jackie was down with flu and Wendy had something on, so only Aileen, Ellen, Rei and myself turned out to the gathering. Though just a small group, we were HAVING LOTS of FUN!

We were there from 1:30pm 'till 7pm!!! 5 and half long hours!! To our surprise, the staffs at the restaurant never chase us out but kept refilling our waters... GOOD SERVICE!

We chatted for hours, then later, we did some tatting. We were making Ellen's Simply Tree. She wrote the pattern herself.


Note: Picture abstracted from Ellen's blog.

It is a simple but very comprehensive pattern! It covers split chain & split ring. I never learn how to do it before.. It's a blessing to have both Ellen & Aileen taught me how to do it... :)


Aileen - reading the pattern


Rei - Seriously doing her tatting


Ellen - who looks so chirpy that day. :)


Our Work

The last bottom piece was mine. I didn't complete the pattern cos I was using very fine thread, Flora 50!!! Even Ellen and Aileen seldom use such a fine thread to tat... But I love the variegated colors of the thread.

Guess what Rei made for us!



It's a CAKE!!! The cake was covered with a layer of marshmallow fondant and decorated with sugar paste shuttles & shuttle needles... Well, the only real thing on the cake was the thread... SHE MADE EVERYTHING HERSELF!! We asked Rei whether was it tedious to make this cake? She said, not really but it was tedious to roll that three balls of thread... Hahahaha....



Rei with her cake


Don't they look alike?? (the one on the left is real shuttle)

Throughout the end of the day, we decided to cut the cake, cos we were curious how the cake taste like... It was coffee & chocolate... Simply DELICIOUS...


Rei was dismantling the cake... :(


It's a coffee and chocolate pound cake!

I've been reading Rei's blog since I've picked up baking... Getting to know her was really my pleasure, she is a lady full of talents & creativity. She picked up everything on her own, including tatting!!

Oh YEAH, this is our group photo:


Standing from the left: Aileen & Ellen

Sitting from the left: Ballooned me & Rei


Knotty Bicsie said...

wow! the cake is incredible! can i get her to make Knotty Bicsie's birthday cake next year?? :P

Janet C said...

Wow...that was a some gathering you all had. And the cake is so lovely (looking) and yummy (wish I could taste it ;p).
Did you get pointers from Rei on how to bake?

Jullie Teo said...

Should be no problem... She's taking order too... :)

Jullie Teo said...

Hi Janet, OH YES!! I did... The cake was nice... it's a pound cake...

mona said...

Really Cool Cake. So who ate the shuttles? I wouldn't have dared.... :)

Jullie Teo said...

Nobody ate the shuttle... =P

chocolatelover said...

Beautiful looking cake.. It should taste nice...So Rei is doing her own business now..?? Tried to go to her blog but was indicated that no such blogger.. Wanted to know her as i like homemade cakes...What happen to the real threads??

Jullie Teo said...

She takes orders.... Mmm i clicked on the site, okle... Tried again later.. or u can access from my blog list too...

chocolatelover said...

Can access le.. It is nice to have gathering like dis..Is tatting or crocheting more difficult? i have hard time learning crocheting.. Will pick it up again. Maybe need to borrow basic book on crocheting from you.. Wish to learn the skill so that i can make something for my son.. hehe..

Jullie Teo said...

Well, Tatting is different from Crochet... Tatting is tedious but easier to learn cos involves two type of stitches. However crochet is harder to learn but easier to do... :) Next time, I'll show to you.

So sorry, can't really teach u cos u are left-handed...

mamatejedora said...

Jullien congratulations for the encounter with her friends in Tatting.
And the cake is a delight that must feel like to eat a little of that rich cake !!!!!!!!!!!

Ren said...

Very lovely cake!!! Very very well done! Is the baker into baking?? I'm looking for a good baker with great skills, for my son's birthday!!! :)

Jullie Teo said...

Hi Ren,

You can drop Rei an email @

She has a website too: