Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Last Saturday, I baked 3 cakes... Mayling came over to my place. We suppose to bake together. However, she was not feeling well. After taking 2 Panadols, she had a nap. While, I started to explore the craft of baking cake... Hehehehe

I found this recipe from Cheese Pound Cake. Look easy... So, I decided to try.


Yup! This is my multi-purpose dining table... Look quite complete right?

I baked 3 cakes on that day... Well, the first cake I did, I didn't know the proper way to bake cake... Cos the recipe didn't mention that I need to grease & spread parchment paper on the baking pan... I just poured the batter into it... I was using microwave oven to bake instead of oven, so I didn't know ho to control the temperature.. Well, this was the result of my 1st cake!! BURNT!... =P


Then, May Ling woke up... She suggested to refer to on-line video... How come I never think of that! So, we visited There's a video on "how to make a simple pound cake".

We followed the steps exactly and baked our 2nd cake...



Not bad rite! But it's a bit tough. Maybe it's the temperature was too high & baking timing was too long.

Since we left some batter, this time, we mix with chocolate chip & chocolate syrup and baked our 3rd cake!


So far, our 3rd cake was better than 2nd one... Not that tough, but still quite dry... :( I'm still searching for tips to bake using microwave oven...


chocolatelover said...

Didnt know that a microwave oven can do so many stuff.. Must teach me leh.. but bit sure if all type of microwave oven can do so much stuff..

Jullie Teo said...