Friday, October 3, 2014

Girl on the Pole

Another throwback post: Earlier this year, a sweet young man requested us to personalized a doll for his girlfriend. His girlfriend was learning pole dancing from this newly opened studio and she's performing on their opening day. The young man wanted to surprise her with a pole dancing doll! At first I was kinda worry whether will I be able to make the doll. My challenge is getting the doll with certain weight on the pole and getting the pole to stand on the table!

Finally, I figured out a brilliant method. I bought some pebbles from the fish shop and put the pebbles in a small container. Poked a hole in the middle of the container big enough for the stick. Then, I crocheted a cover for the container and the stick.

Ta-da! The doll was able to hold onto the stick firmly and due to the weight of the pebbles, the doll never topple. Love this creation very much! And of course, the couple was very happy with the doll! At the end of the day, felt so accomplished with this creation...

A nice thank you note from his girlfriend, Jessica:

Hi! I'm the very lucky recipient of this lovely, lovely doll. My bf told me how he left all the customization decisions to you because he, as he put it, is "not an artistic guy". So thank you very much indeed! I love how you so thoughtfully and cleverly made sure the pole could support the weight of the doll and stand! Oh, and just to clarify, I don't own the studio. Lol. I'm just a student and was performing at the open house event. Regardless, thank you again for your beautiful and intricate creation!

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