Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Bei Bei in Angelic Kitty

SH showed me a little baby doll she bought from Taiwan, but the doll is made of plastic and quite big. She wanted a smaller version (approx. 9cm or smaller) so that she can hang it on her bag. The doll is in Kitty costume. 

I have to use thinner yarn in order to achieve the size. Hence, I've chosen Japanese cotton yarn that I got from my good friend, Betsy, founder of Knotty Bicsie. Her shop sells quite a wide range of yarns. 

I've managed to make it at approx. 7cm (height)! Isn't it CUTE! After looking at it, I decided to name it Bei Bei (贝贝), means little precious in Mandarin. Bei Bei is 100% crochet doll with plastic beads eyes. It has little curl on it's forehead.

Bei Bei measured at 7cm

Two cute Angel Wings

The size of Bei Bei on my palm.

Bei Bei hangs on SH's Long Champ bag
I'm so happy that SH loves it so much! Yay! Do you want to see more Bei Bei? 

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