Thursday, October 9, 2014

Collaboration with local artist, Little Odd Forest

I had a fruitful meeting this afternoon with Lynda, founder of Little Odd Forest. More collaboration projects are coming our way! YAY!

Our collaboration projects with LOF. It started with cushion cover. Aprox. 20cm by 20cm cushion cover with crocheted animal flaps. We did the raccoon, which is the favorites and was sold almost immediately on the 1st day of STGCC 2013 (Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention 2013), fox and owl.

Available at Little Odd Forest online store


Due to demand for crocheted bag, a customer requested us to customize the crocheted flap for her messenger bag! Isn't it cute! 

Our next collaboration project was kiss lock crocheted purse. A very challenging project that took us quite sometime to finalize the yarns and the design. We did numerous prototypes just to get it right! Countless!! But at the end of the day, the accomplishment has given us great satisfaction! 

We did two animals for the kiss lock purse; Raccoon and Fox. Our plan was to launch it during STGCC 2014, however, Lynda had a soft launch to take in pre-orders. Guess what! The response was so overwhelmed that we sold almost all our purses and left only 4! 

Don't you think the purse is cute! Oops... They are not listed online yet. If you are keen, please drop us an email at  info[at] or julshandmade[at]

I'm so excited on our next collaboration! All I can say is, challenging! But yet, something unique and oh!-so-cute-I-want-it product! Are you following our Facebook Fan Page? Stay tuned with us as we update on our FB page regularly! 

Note: All designs and photos are produced and taken by Little Odd Forest. All right reserved. I love the clause that Lynda put on her website for violators: 
 All violators shall risk offending all mystical fantastical critters & eternal banishment from the forest.

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