Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wedding Couple for Joanna

Joanna and Vanessa are colleagues. Joanna and her hubby-to-be love photography so much. She send me two photos of them carrying DSLR… So, she requested for the groom to hold a DSLR, if possible. I’ve tried crocheting camera before but not successful. I replaced it with a vintage camera charm. I find this charm very cute and it fits nicely on the groom’s doll.

Joanna was wearing a off-shoulder wedding gown during her solemnization. Their wedding theme was blue.

“I've got the dolls already n they're very pretty and well made. Thanks! Exactly what I thought they'll look like especially the bride :)So envious (talking about the groom holding the vintage camera), too bad the bride will look odd with a camera instead of a hand bouquet ;p”

Email send by Joanna