Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wedding Couple for Chloe

Chloe is my cousin, Evee, good friend. When she saw the wedding dolls that Evee has tagged in her Facebook, she was thrilled. She couldn’t think of anything to give to her friend who is getting married during Chinese New Year, until she saw the dolls. Without hesitation, she ordered one pair for her friend in Kuching.

I completed this pair one day before Chinese New Year and delivered out on Chinese New Year Eve… I didn’t have time to do any setup for photoshoot. So, I took the picture with hamper and Chinese New Year greeting cards behind the scene… Smile with tongue out 

Two messages Chloe wrote in Facebook:

“Jullie, the dolls r so them
So much. I'm sure my fren will love it alot Thank u so much.....

The bride likes them so much. She said they're so pretty. “


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