Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wedding Couple for Vanessa

Talk about Vanessa… I’ve known her for more than 2 years! How? Well, Vanessa is working with CORDLIFE. She was the one who introduced to us on storing baby’s cord blood stem cells. During then, she was engaged to her husband and we were chatting about setting up family. She is very friendly and easy to get along with… Coincidently, during our 2nd meeting, I brought my digital camera along with me. While waiting for my friends, I showed her the wedding dolls I’ve made. I just started making dolls leisurely… She LOVES them instantly and placed an order. LOL!!! She just collected her dolls last few weeks and was telling me that she’s been waiting for this day for very long!

P.S. Erhem… To those new mothers, if you want to find out more about CORDLIFE, you can look for Vanessa… Do drop me an email if you want her contact… ;)

Vanessa wrote a message in my facebook:

“Hi Jullie! Thanks for the gorgeous wedding dolls! Colin loves them as much as i do! :)”



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