Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wedding Couple For Jac and W

It’s been a month since I’ve blogged… I nearly ‘drown’ in rushing orders… =P I’ll like to thank some of my friends that have been following my blogs for their concerns and wishes. So sweet.. *HUGS*

The Nasal Surgery that I had on 14th of Oct was a success… I was unable to smell for the past 2 and half years due to serious sinusitis. I wasn’t able to taste too, I could only taste whether the food is sweet, sour, spicy or salty. Yes, even DURIAN… I couldn’t taste durian at all… Well, it was a blessing in disguise for me during my pregnancy, as I didn’t have nausea problem and I didn’t have problem using public toilet… =P

The CT-scan shown that my nasal cavities that were supposed to be filled with air were almost 100% blocked with polyps and mucous… The only treatment option I had is surgery!

The surgery was very long! I was pushed in by 9:30am and was out from the OT by 6pm! Though it’s supposed to be a day surgery, due to long hours under anesthesia, I was warded for a night. I kept praying that I could smell again. My doc didn’t want to give me an assurance because this problem had been bothering me for too long and she worry that the nerves might be badly affected.

Well, after a week of resting, I FINALLY CAN SMELL AGAIN!!!! The first thing I wanted to smell is JOEL. Joel has very nice smell!!! Even his poo smells nice for the first time… LOL!!! But not after that… Now I can enjoy food. After this operation, I’m starting to appreciate ‘smelling’ and ‘tasting’ things around me, especially food.

During this time, I was very very grateful to my dear husband, who had took one week leave to take care of Joel for me… I was very surprised with his capabilities of handling Joel. Thanks, dear.. *MUACK*… Not forgetting my friends. I was very grateful to have friends around me when I need help. There is one very special friend that I really thank GOD for her, YL…. She really helps me a lot! Without her, I don’t think I can get my orders out on time! She has been my great helper for more than a year in this handmade business… I always believe, working as a team is better than working alone. I’m glad to have her in my team.

This pair was the first pair I did after my surgery….

If you notice, I’ve been using crystal beads for most of the wedding dolls… These crystal beads are Swarovski. Previously I used glass beads but glass beads don’t shine as nice as crystal beads. Besides that, I’m using Japanese Tulle Lace that I managed to source from one local supplier. The Japanese Tulle Lace is more expensive than China lace, BUT the quality is so much better. Even the supplier told me that they only get tulle lace direct from Japan and is very disappointed with the China supplier.

I love the dolls that I’ve made to look pretty! And I don’t like to disappoint my buyers. I love to see their expressions when they received the dolls… That’s the satisfaction I want to have… A lot of works but all efforts paid off after seeing the smiles on their face!



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