Friday, January 15, 2010

Wedding Dolls for Belinda

I’ve been very busy lately. Busy managing the house and my baby…. LOL!! I’ve started cooking lately as my scent of smell has returned… YIPEE!! I love to cook and has been trying out new dishes. Poor DH, he is my guinea pig. So far so good, I didn’t fail him… :)

Back to the wedding dolls… I was also busy rushing dolls. 3 more pairs to go for this month. This pair is for Belinda’s friend. Belinda had asked me to make this pair 6 months ago!!



Thank God both of them love the dolls very much….

“Hey Jul, my fren loves the dolls! She says u have superb workmanship and must have put in ur heart and soul when u were making them. :) I agree with her tat u have a pair of magical hands mainz! The dolls r really lovely when I looked at them upclose. The long wait was worth it. Hahaha! Thanx Thanx”

Copied from SMS send by Belinda.

Her message has made my day!

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Knotty Bicsie said...

Congrats on the wonderful feedback, my friend! Nothing beats receiving such sweet appreciation from customers. i'm sure it's made your day :D