Sunday, January 31, 2010

23rd of Jan – Auspicious Day

These were the two wedding couples for two lovely newly-weds who were married on 23rd of Jan 2010. Seems like 23rd of Jan was an auspicious day to get married….

Wedding couple for JacKh

The bride doll was wearing bling bling hair-band… As for the groom, she wanted him to hold a basketball… Hmm, guess the groom loves to play basketball… The wedding theme was gold in color…



“Hey Jullie, I saw the dolls. Very very nice! Thank you so much!…. Can’t stop looking at them…

SMS from JacKh

Wedding Couple for JS & SH

Their ROM (Registration of Marriage) was held on 23rd of Jan 2010 too… Their ROM’s theme was blue. SH loves to have tiara and flowers. So, I’ve decided to sew the bum at the lower left side of the hair and add little flowers there… She loves it very much…



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