Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Joel’s 1st Birthday Party

Last Saturday, 23rd of Jan, we celebrated Joel’s 1st Birthday at Goldkist Beach Resort, East Coast Park. We had invited our very close relatives and friends. My parents came all day from my hometown, Sarawak to attend this party. Coincidently my aunt and her family were here too. It has been awhile since we had such a gathering and was really fun!!


Thanks to May Ling and Jin for decorating the place for us. Honestly, the chalet was quite old and ‘run-down’ and both my DH and I were very very disappointed with the condition. But after decorating, the whole place looked quite nice… ;) But still, we are disappointed… :( It’s not worth the money we’ve paid…

Before the party, Joel went for a swim! It was his first swim.

Rei has made this wonderful cake for Joel… ;) It was yam cake and super delicious… If you look carefully, the bear is in 3D! I’m sure Rei had spend quite sometimes to ‘draw’ and ‘color’ this bear!


We were so reluctant to cut the cake. Anyway, we finished everything!! ;)

More shots on my Flickr album.



Family Portrait


My family members


My parents and my parents in law


My in laws


Cake cutting


Friends and relatives that we’ve invited…

On the actual day, which is 25th of Jan, I’ve cooked Joel mee sua… Since we’re kids, we would had a bowl of mee sua on our birthday… Mee sua symbolizes longevity. I’ve cooked mee sua with a chunk of meat, carrots and potatoes. Joel loves it!


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Knotty Bicsie said...

Happy Birthday to baby Joel again! :)