Wednesday, January 26, 2011

January Couples….

Wedding Couple for Raine

Both Raine and her husband are teacher. She is a very petite and sweet lady, I’m sure she’s an apple to her students’ eyes! ;) Her husband likes to play tennis, hence, instead of requesting a heart pillow, she asked for a tennis ball… :)

“Hey Jullie, my fiance loves the dolls too! He finds them v adorable. Thank u so much for ur effort. Will update u in a few months time regarding bridesmaid dolls. thks :)”

Message send by Raine



Wedding Couple for Joanne

Pink, pink wedding theme… I’ve made this wedding dolls for Joanne using flowers with pink crystals…

She likes them very much! I was touched when she told me she had shown my blog to her colleagues and some were keen . Thanks… :)

P1050242 P1050248

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