Saturday, August 7, 2010

Wedding Couple for Xuan’s friends

When Indian meets Japanese…. Unique match!

Xuan is Fang’s sister. Her friend, an Indian is getting married with his Japanese fiancé. She wanted to give them a pair of wedding couple. Xuan is very kind… I have two choices: A and B:

Choice A: Make my usual wedding dolls.

Choice B: More interesting, personalized the bride’s doll is in kimino.

I’ve decided to choose B since I was quite free last month and I wanted to do something different to add to my portfolios.

Let’s talk about the groom first… I think this is the darkest human doll I’ve made so far… Xuan showed me his photo, well, he has curls and sideburns. Hmm, most Indians have these… So, I’ve added a curl on the fringe and sideburns at the side. I hope at one look, can tell it’s an Indian….


For the bride, the challenge was on sewing the costume!

1st of all, I’m not familiar with kimono… Searched through wiki for kimono. Hmm, I’ve learnt something new: The sash that ties around waist is called OBI and at the back of kimono is not really a ‘pillow’, which I always thought it was, it’s actually knots.

2ndly, it’s NOT EASY to sew the costume at all!!! I’m not a seamstress and I never learn ‘proper’ sewing before, not to mention cutting the pattern. Thank God, I have friends who gave me thinkers. I’ve MADE IT and LOVE the result! Erhem, the kimono was hand-sewn… =P



I hope her friends will like them.

Thanks to Xuan for giving me this opportunity to try something new. Looking forward to make something special for her wedding too… :)


Janet C said...

So sweet. Love your kimono!

Knotty Bicsie said...

Wow! the kimono looks fantastic!!! :)

xuan-er said...

thanks for the dolls, had the dolls shipped out to USA on Saturday =)

Jullie Teo said...

Hi Janet and Betsy,

Thanks... :)

Hi Xuan, wow.. I hope they will be able to receive on time... :)