Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wedding Couple for Mindy and TH

This pair of wedding dolls will be used for Mindy’s solemnization. Mindy has a small sexy mole on her left cheek… So, the bride’s doll has one too… When I saw Mindy, this doll really looks like her… ;)

During the collection, she told me she likes the dolls very much and they are bigger than what she’s expecting.…After she left, she send me another message and again telling me:

“Hey Jullie, I love the dolls. Thanks a lot and I’m sure my fiancé will love them too”

Via sms from Mindy

Then around mid-night, another message from her:

“Hi Jullie, my fiancé loves the dolls too. They r really sweet Thank u once again :)

Via sms from Mindy

I’m really happy that she likes the dolls very much. Ooooh, I love to hear this from my buyers… :) All my efforts paid off!!

Congrats! Mindy and TH… :)



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