Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wedding Dolls and Personalized Dolls for Paul and Ting

Honestly, I’ve been rushing this order for the past one week! I’ve under-estimated the amount of work to be done. THANK GOD, I have a great great helper, YL to help me to complete this order. Without her, I don’t think I could make it on time! Tiring but full of satisfaction!

Ting’s wedding is on 28th of Feb, the 15th day of Lunar New Year, also Chinese Valentine day….




If you notice, the groom’s hairstyle is different from the usual ones. She actually drew the hairstyle she wanted, and I just tried to make accordingly… Turn out pretty well… ;) Besides that, she wanted her groom to hold a heart with their initial on top.


As for her bride, she wanted an ivory/gold gown. Took me awhile to find the suitable yarn and also lining for the gown. Then she wanted a long veil… This is the first time I did my own lace, by attaching one onto the other one. YL said the outcome is good! If I didn’t mention, she’ll never notice it…


Then she wanted exaggerate hair’s accessories with blings. Honestly, I’m taking my risk on this. I found these 3 flowers that had glass diamond in the middle from a small tailor shop near my place. I though it would suit the theme, which is Gold, very much… So, I decided to use them, then I added crystals as leaves.

Then, she also asked me to make 8 personalized dolls for her sisters that helped out on the day of her wedding! These 8 personalized dolls are made according to their HAIRSTYLES! Wah, very challenging at first… I hope I have delivered the results….

These dolls are angels and they are holding hearts that have their name on top! This is also the first time I sewn so many characters… Practice really makes Perfect!


All the angels are wearing champagne color dress. I’m using Egyptian cotton, Yellow (#235) from Knotty Bicsie. This is the nearest color to champagne color. Then I’ve made ribbons for all the angels.



Grace: She has brown shoulder-length hair with long fringe that combed to the side.

Shann: She has black shoulder-length hair with long fringe that combed to the side


Hui: She has long brown hairs

Bina: She has short black hair


Claire: She has short brown hair with short fringe.

Wen: She has short black hair with short fringe that combed to the side.


Sasa: She has long brown curly hair with long fringe that combed to the side

Mok: She has long brown curly hair with fringe that split at the middle


Barbara said...

Well for starters, congratulations on all the business!! And moving right along, I don't know how you ever got all that done in time. You rock and do such good work

Jullie Teo said...

Thanks Barbara.... :) Without my friends' helps and motivations, don think I will be able to do it.... =P

Wah, I've been looking forward to touch on my shuttle!!!

chocolatelover said...

Looks great!! luckily the "jie meis" hair are not of 8 extremes. At least hv some similarity so can have some basics made first.

I bet the most difficult ones are the sasa and mok!! cos of their curly Hair!! you are good at making curly hair!! Keep it up!!

Jullie Teo said...

Thanks Christie...